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A research paper introduction is the first section of the paper

An introduction for a research paper is first few paragraphs with which your paper starts. A research paper introduction consists of objectives and purposes of your paper writing. It depicts tone and writing style which will be used, and presents a thesis statement. An introduction has many important functions, therefore, writing a research paper introduction is a significant step since it should awake interest in the reader. The success of your essay paper or research paper writing depends on a good, well-structured introduction. We offer you some interesting tips that may help you in writing a research paper introduction.

When you create a research paper introduction, you should be aware of some important functions. The role of a good introduction is attract the attention of the reader. Introduction for a research paper should persuade the reader to continue reading. To gain this aim one has to use creative writing style or present a very interesting fact. Also, a good introduction should present a thesis statement that shows the focus of the essay or research paper and tells the reader about the main idea of the paper. Also the writer may start the paper with the question, which will attract the reader’s attention. Overall, the writer should create such introduction that will awake interest in the reader so that he/she will continue the reading process.

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The introductory paragraph introduces the topic of your paper

It states goals and purposes of your writing, depicts what kind of problem you are going to research, what techniques and methods will be used. The introduction part describes the scope of the paper and gives the brief explanation about what the paper will be. It can explain specific elements that are important. It is very important to include a thesis statement in order to help the reader understand the argument of the paper. Professional research paper writers always keep in mind questions that help them to write a good paper. To create an interesting introduction part, you should ask yourself some questions such as, What is the purpose of the topic and the significance of this study? What are the best methods to use while writing the paper? How can this specific topic awake interest in the reader? All these questions will help you write a very good intro for your paper.

Here are some things that you should avoid when writing your introduction

First of all, do not use generalizations and do not overload your introduction with many facts and information. This part of the paper should be brief and clear. An introduction should be no more than a half of a page. Remember that you only introduce the topic and your main argument, therefore, this part should not be very long. Avoid the usage of formal language and dictionary definitions. If you will follow these recommendations, your introduction will be interesting and cognitive. Also, you may find samples and guidelines for creating a strong and successful introduction online. Furthermore, you may buy an example of the introduction or full custom paper from various online services.

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