The main objective of this assignment is to provide a comprehensive definition of term “charter” in respect to project management. Subsequently, the assignment expounds the comparability of a preliminary scope statement and a charter. Moving forward, it provides a discussion on the methodologies used to create an effective charter.

Charter refers to the permission granted to a recipient by the granter. It allows the recipient enjoy both the rights and authorities previously held by the granter. Therefore, it is considered to be a mere document, which allows permission to a recipient to develop and maintain a dependency in the course of managing projects.

A preliminary scope statement is used as reference point to the charter. It comprises the decision of the whole project, which establishes the platform, upon which the overall goal of the project is executed. Furthermore, the preliminary scope statement presents the description of both rights and responsibilities, which have long been created in the charter. Like the charter, the preliminary scope statement stipulates the main participants in the project, which are both the granter and recipient. Moreover, it analyzes and distinguishes the form of authority held by the project manager.

The main function of the preliminary scope statement is to showcase information, which had been presented by the project granter in order to accomplish the afore-stated goals and desires of the project stakeholders.

An effective charter accomplishes the following goals:

1. Providing a platform, upon which the granter relinquishes part of the rights and authority to the recipient that is, in turn, expected to acknowledge the limited status allowed in the relationship. It should be noted that the charter is only granted whenever both parties assume the inferior and superior statuses.

2. Allowing the passage of partial rights and duties previously held by the project granter to the recipient in the effort to execute the goals and expectations of the project stakeholders. 

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