Criminality rates have skyrocketed in the modern society resulting in more and more people becoming a victim of various crimes. Laws introduced by the government foresee certain levels of punishment for committing different crimes, although some of them seem to be not strict enough. For instance, serious crimes like murders are punished with a long-term sentence to jail with only few countries and states in the USA allowing death penalties. Modern society can be described as very human and respectful to peoples’ rights. Even when it comes to punishing criminals, imprisoning a murderer or another serious offender is preferred to sentencing them to death. The morality of the society is ruled by the idea that no one is empowered to take away someone else’s life. However, death penalty must be allowed since it is the only fair kind of punishment for people who dared to impinge on another human’s life or committed a crime that had tremendously negative impact on other people’s well-being.

The Reasons Pro Death Penalties

Death penalties are quite often considered as a relic of old times that should be no longer used in a modern society which respects human rights and moral norms. A life of every person is highly valued and protected since it is believed that people are equal, and no one can make a decision about taking away their right to live ( 2013). However, there are few most important reasons that justify death penalties and explain the necessity of applying them in the modern world.

First, multiple cases of murderers who continue killing people after being sentenced to long-term imprisonment for committing a crime show that this kind of punishment does not work. Offenders are not taught a lesson by being sent to jail; in fact, it makes them angry and stimulates to revenge when they are set free. Murder is the most serious crime that must be dealt with especially carefully. If a less serious crime was committed, there is a chance a person would reconsider his or her behavior when sentenced to prison. However, murderers and other serious offenders do not normally change their moral beliefs, and if they have already taken someone’s life once, there is nothing stopping them in doing it again. Thus, murderers who were not executed for their wrongdoing are a major threat to the society that must be taken care of by every government since they are responsible for protecting their citizens.

Second, if people knew that execution is inevitable for a murderer, a fear of being executed would reduce the level of crime. People would understand the responsibility for a serious crime and reconsider it in order to rescue their own lives if they knew that it is punished by execution.

Furthermore, some activists, who fight against death penalty, argue that it is inhuman and the government is not entitled to kill a person in order to punish for a crime that he or she committed. However, this claim does not take into account that murderers have done it themselves taking lives of innocent persons. For instance, the statistic of criminals executed in the USA is commonly spoken of. However, there is another statistic that is worth considering; it was estimated that an approximate number of murderers who were executed in the USA reached one thousand while the amount of their victims equaled 1,895 people which is almost twice as much. Even when an offender is executed, his or her life is not enough punishment to expiate the death of two or more victims. Hence, the question arises if it is indeed inhuman to treat the murderers the way they treated their victims. Moreover, it seems to be even a bigger sin to leave deaths of innocent people without an offender being punished. There is no way a murderer can atone his or her guilt for taking someone’s right to live and leaving a family without a loved one. Thus, a murderer must at least be paid back with the same coin.

Additionally, adversaries of death penalties believe that it is against humans’ rights for someone to be sentenced to death. However, human rights are respected even when death penalties are applied since an offender is treated as an individual who is responsible for his own fate and wrong choices he made not like “an animal with no moral sense". Everyone knows that it is against the legal and moral laws to kill a human being, and by making a choice to intentionally do so a person automatically accepts the punishment that is foreseen. 

Finally, if murders and other serious crimes are not punished in an appropriate way, communities are going to become not regulated and ruled by anarchy. Criminals would not be restricted in their actions knowing that no one can take their life away whilst the rest of the society will live in fear due to the increased criminality rates.


Thus, death penalty is a necessary measure that should be taken in order to protect society and decrease the amount of murders and other serious crimes. It is the only possible solution to punish an individual who dared to cut someone’s life short or harm someone’s life in the way that cannot be reversed. The society needs to be human and take care of peoples’ rights being looked after, although there must be a certain level for it that does not make the whole society unregulated or put the lives of many innocent people under risk. Thus, imprisonment is not an appropriate punishment for violent offenders since execution would be the only efficient method able to stop criminals due to the fear of them losing their own lives.

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