After a recent recession in Texas there is an opportunity to shape the estimates that are to be included in the budget. Texas has a rural population larger than any other state in the U.S., more than 3.8 million people. Due to this the budget has always had a shortfall; it means the amount that is actually available for use is less than the amount approved in the budget. On account of lack of funds it is important to make wise choices which would help the economy to recover after a difficult spell characterized by low employment levels, few investments, and a fall in the GDP. Therefore, to re-energize the economy government spending should be done on necessary sectors so as to avoid wastage of funds. Resources can only be deployed in sectors that have the potential to create employment opportunities and give jobs, thereby providing a source of income to people.       

The areas which would not be entitled to any budgetary allocations are public safety and education sectors. The public safety sector, which ensures safety in prisons, would not by any means help in creating jobs by the budget allocation. It would only serve to improve the welfare of prisoners. Since the aim is to restart economic recovery, such expenditure would have no effect and could be viewed as waste of funds during such a difficult period in the economy of Texas.                                                        

Although education is an equally vital sector of the economy, it does not directly help address challenges at hand. However, under the prevailing economic conditions in Texas there is a need to postpone any allocations on it in order to administer funds to the branch which would help address the challenge. Therefore, such funds are to be spared and be used on sectors which would have an immediate effect of spurring economic growth in Texas. The branches to be considered should thereby have expansionary effects on the economy by improving such economic prospects as investments and employment.

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