Brands differentiate the products of a particular manufacturer from those of the rest. The aim of branding is to have a distinct group of goods that would present ease before the customers for identification purposes. This would help build a client base who identify with the particular products (Kunde, 2002). Various companies in the world have used different brands for the marketing of their products. This is useful in recognizing the manufacturer concerning the brand used. The use of brands has helped firms that effectively use them to gain from economies of scale, reducing marketing costs and provision of easy identification and integration of innovations regarding a certain product brand.

The three brands with a strongest likelihood of remaining a source of advantage in the 21st century include Coca cola, Nokia and Mercedes Benz. Coca cola is a brand used by manufacturers of soft drinks. The companies that manufacture the drinks have a standard quality, therefore, implying that the same quality is maintained across the globe. The products are then packaged in some predetermined forms in containers that are distinct to Coca cola. This, therefore, makes it easy for any consumer to identify Coca cola drinks from the rest. With the company's culture, Coca cola is most likely to remain a popular brand.

The Nokia brand is also established in the market as it reflects much ease in identification and a relatively huge following. This is informed based on its market share in the communication industry in mobile phones and the effectiveness of the services which the company offers. With sustenance of the culture and quality of services of the brand, Nokia would remain in the market as an effective brand for the near future.

The motor vehicle manufacturers of Mercedes Benz have also had the culture of quality products and distinction from other such products. This is not likely to change in the near future given their culture and the market share the company holds.

The internet has created a global village. This means that people can access information regarding these brands from the comfort of their homes (Holt, 2004). The internet has also made competition stiff. It is used to market and enhance sales. Information is easily obtained regarding any product. The manufacturers must also adopt improved technology in marketing in order to reach a wide clientele to counter any progress made by competitors. 

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