Ambulatory care is a medical care which is given on an outpatient case. Some medical illnesses do not require the patient to be admitted to the hospital. They can be cured while one is at home.  These may include; when one want to have a blood test, x-rays and many others. Community health centers are the clinics which are located within a community where the outpatients get their treatment from. Complementary and alternative medicines are the medicines used that are not up to the standard of a qualified doctor or nurses. Alternative medicines refer to the treatment one get from a non qualified doctor. Complementary medicines refer to the treatment one uses along with that treatment of a qualified doctor. Mental health tells the state of health of a person. Whether that person is in a normal well-being, or not (Hunter 2008).

I have chosen the articles on the healthy policy, the cost of failure to enact health reforms by Garrett, Buettgens, & Doan in March 2010. The other article is how the National health care will affect a number of states a report by RAND Corporation in April 2011. In the cost of failure to enact health reforms articles, they are discussing about the number of uninsured people in America will go up in five years to come. They are also talking about the number of the poor who spend on the state’s health care programs will be double by the year 2020, if there will be no major adjustments to the recent health care method.  There is a group which did a research, and evaluated the changes reporting patterns and health care expenses that will take place nationally from 2010-2020, if major reforms are not done.

The author gives a variety of scenes to evaluate the outcome.  He says that in the most awful case by 2015, there will be millions of people who will be uninsured. The number will have increased by 2020. Where else, there were less people who were not insured in 2010. He adds that the middle people will bear pain most without the adjustments because the number of people without the health coverage is going up. Employees from the small scale firms are not able to get insured because the small firms are going down not offering insurance in their firms and by 2020 there will be very less small firms or none who will be offering the insurance. Moreover, the employers who will be contributing to the health insurance will lay the burden to the employees thus making them to contribute some of their money so as to cater for the health services therefore; their expenditure will be very high by 2020. The account presents the results on the work of the uninsured people by 2020 without the adjustments, giving health payback by employers, and the increase of taxes.  There was a campaign by RWJF to support for coverage of health for all citizens of the United States (Garrett & Buettgens, 2010).

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