I remember very well the best trip I ever had on 1st December. My mum had always asked my dad to take my brother and me to Disneyland, after my cousin came home with fascinating stories about Disneyland. My mum was so exited after my dad made certain that we were going to Disneyland for my birthday party. Despite my tender age, I was so excited, but what exited me is the fact that I would brag to my cousin that I too, had the same experience in Disneyland as he did.  Little did I know that this would be a trip to remember for the rest of my life?

I had no idea of what was there or what I would expect since the place was far away and it cost a lot of money to get there so I had never considered myself getting there. Time drew near and we packed our belongings ready to leave. I remembered to carry my camera because I wanted to capture every site in the Disneyland. My mum helped me pack my belongings and when the day came I couldn’t wait to get there.

We arrived at ten in the morning. We booked a room in a motel just next to the Disneyland. We walked in the dark to the reception and it was different as I had expected. I expected to find a castle at the entry point since I had never seen a park map of the Disney land of which I now know like the rear part of my head.

I saw the flowery Mickey features all the way through the gates and heard the music tones. I wasn't yet in there but could feel the 'magic' curving out through the spaces of the turnstiles. I don't remember how I slept that night probably knowing that the next day would reveal to me the beauty of Disneyland. The next day we woke up very early, took breakfast and headed in .It was such a nice experience being a kid. It was a humid autumn and after walking all through the huge car recreational area, we arrived at the turn styles where people had gathered. Before I could realize, I was there 'in Disneyland' I could not believe it. I was having a great day and with no doubt I had to be the luckiest kid in the planet.

We made our way through to the clocking area. I thought it was going to be fun and sure it was. We went to the first incline and drifted along while we went up. I noticed the surroundings of the ride and the shore up were well done. The heaps were more qualified than preceding log rides I'd been on. The music was so cheerful and made the calm traveling so enjoyable. We came to a go down of what seems like about 8 feet. It was appealing and cool. They usually offered one drop in a ride but we had just had one so we got into the 'Rabbit Burrow' and the room was full with music and lively characters all over.

I went with my brother who was unwilling to have his pictures taken and it was great except for the fact that he would not go on the rides which he considered scarcely. Going down the summit fall which was a 50-mile-an-hour, exciting free fall down a 130-foot-high stream channel, was a definite existential incident!

One of the best parts was that I enjoyed most was interacting with most of the Disney typescript, even though their manifestation and characteristic varied from the ones I see in the books. A few chosen pictures are incorporated here, but my advice if you're taking a kid is to ensure they get some moment with the typescripts. They are tall and sufficient to ride nearly all of the rides, and aged enough to not be frightened of the full-size typescript or the pirates that a number of the rides enclose.

There are two large pools that connect to the rush of rapids of the Caribbean rides, and they are shaded by stands of raffia and dates. The hippo favors the wallow long pool while the crocodile are mostly found on the lower pool. It was a lifetime experience to walk round the two pools and watch the animals below a grass lining. If you are stealthy like I was, then you get a golden chance to see the animals quite clearly. The guides were so informative and they explained to us how the two animals coexist with one another. I dint want to leave the place but we had to visit other sites.

When we landed at the lanyards, we collected the Disney pins on and traded them with Disney employees. It was a lot of fun tracking them I could not help staring at everything. I was fascinated by the residents’ warm welcome and their willingness to take us anywhere we wanted to go. I liked the way their children were left to walk by themselves as they play along the Disney paths.

The environment was cool and we walked around sleeping attractiveness of the castle in the middle of the park. We went to ride Space Mountain, Disneyland's greatest, scariest wave coaster which goes fast in total darkness, save for some speckled points of light that are meant to symbolize stars. We encumbered into our "rocket ships" with my brother sitting next to me. As we moved stealthily up the initial big hill with all the blinking lights getting us ready us for takeoff, my brother could hardly hold her excitement. After that, we were plunged into a dark place, rotating round, up and down with no sign as to what was upcoming. I could feel her hand pressing mine firmly, but due to the darkness, I could not see the look on his face. At that moment, I became nervous. Perhaps this was too much for him. Possibly he was getting frightened. All my worries calmed down as we slowed down and came reverse into the station. My brother beamed up and explained how awesome it was.

Great appreciation to "Disney's salutation to the army," we got quite a contract on our tickets and lodge room. Generally, the three-day pass would cost $180 each, but I was capable of getting a ticket at no cost for myself and one other for my brother. We also got a discount on our motel room, which was fairly good. And being seal to the monorail certainly was appealing the extra cash, as it saved us a lot of time and energy walking all around the park to our motel over two days.

When I got home I could not wait to show my cousins the picture I had from the Disneyland. It was a breath taking trip that I will always remember and treasure its memories. I am looking forward to visit Disneyland once more.

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