Hells gate, is the place I would definitely love to visit. Perhaps you have never heard about this place, principally, Hells gate is a tourist destination located in the vast wilderness and ranges within the Rift Valley Province, which is in Kenya. The striking features about this place are that, it offers pristine scenery of the diverse bird life within the amazing fresh water lake within the Great Rift Valley (Eliud, 2009).

More so, despite its location, this place is also a historical and cultural site accredited with the first evidence of human usage of tools in regard to agriculture. Though this place is somehow hot, the corresponding ranges give it an aura of peace according to the documented history of this area.

It is prudence to aver that, Hells gate is the best travel destination for any one interested in bird watching. As well as having a glimpse of the striking geological features in regard to the famed Great Rift Valley which extends from Israel to Maputo in Mozambique. Though, previously I had visited other famous travel destinations such as the famed Great Wall of China as well as the astonishing Egyptian pyramids. I do strongly desire to state that, having a close encounter with diverse bird life is the lifetime experience I desire. It is instrumental to understand that, watching such huge birds as flamingoes, and other rare birds gracing the evening could be the most admirable occasion in any ones life (Kobe, 2009).

In conclusion, may I beg to state that, Kenya being a tourist destination that is globally recognized, having it as my premiere travel destination is just but a lifetime dream come true. Think of Hells gate and the unlimited marvels of Mother Nature. It is truly inspiring to think of this place, Hells gate (Mwangi, 2000).

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