African American culture has its roots in Africa and mostly comprises of a blend between the Sahelean and Sub-Saharan cultures. The African American culture faced a lot of criticism during the slave era; however, some practices, beliefs and values survived overtime and were blended into the American and Native Americans culture. This essay explores effects of African American background on communication and how background influences peoples’ daily communication.

The African American culture affects my communication with people I encounter because there was the development of the African American Vernacular English which I tend to use for communication. It should be noted that this is a dialect of the American English language. Thus, the main problem is code switching between AAVE and Standard American English which makes it hard for some people to understand what I am saying. A good example in this scenario abounds from the fact that most of African Americans who are not natives of the American South still have hints of AAVE. It is possible to hear in the interacting with people from other areas of America. Another example are African American children who get the chance to speak only AAVE. Research asserts that these children usually have a problem with standardized testing and usually encounter a lot of problem when they move to the outside world for work.

Background plays a significant role in the influencing people’s daily communication. This is because there is a collection of knowledge, beliefs, rules and attitudes that influence the communication relationship between people. This can be considered as a culture which cultivates a special relationship that contributes to the unique character and distinguishes it from other relationships.

In conclusion, African American culture has its roots in Africa from two major cultures namely Sahelean and Sub-Saharan. African American background affects my communication due to the development of the AAVE which is an American English dialect. Background contributes to the formation of special relationship which influences people’s communication on a daily basis.

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