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The goal of our online term paper service is to eliminate any risks that may be involved using other online writing services. Essaysprofessor.com provides consistent, high quality papers at affordable prices and gives our customers assurance by implementing the most comprehensive set of money back guarantees. Our customers can count on being fully protected in ways that other writing services do not provide.

All customers who buy term papers from essaysprofessor.com are guaranteed the following:

Revision policy

If, upon receipt of any paper written by professional writers at essaysprofessor.com, any customer is dissatisfied with any part of a paper, he/she may request revisions to be made until the paper is exactly as the customer wants it to be. This is also true of amendments. If a customer would like additional information to be added, our writers are happy to provide this service free of charge. We want our custom essays to be as close to perfection as they can be.

Anti-Plagiarism policy

Here, at essaysprofessor.com, we have no tolerance for plagiarism. Many colleges and universities will expel any student who attempts to hand in plagiarized work. Sadly, many of our competitors could not care less about what happens to their customers, so they shockingly sell them blatantly plagiarized work. There is little recourse for students to take against these unscrupulous companies and the consequences can be dire. Essaysprofessor.com, on the other hand, scans each and every document using some of the most highly sophisticated anti-plagiarism software in the industry. If the document passes the scan, an anti-plagiarism report is generated. It will authenticate the originality of the document. This report is presented to our customers as their assurance that all custom essays bought from our term paper service are original.


Our writing service guarantees not to rent, sell or share any of our customers' personal or financial information with any third parties. We closely guard the privacy of all of our customers and do not divulge any information about them, even to the marketing companies that offer to pay large sums of money for this information.

Deadline policy

Since we first opened for business in 2006, essaysprofessor.com writers have never missed any deadline for any paper they have written. We are aware that many professors will either take off points for papers that are handed in late, or they will not accept late work at all. Here, at essaysprofessor.com, we guarantee that every paper is returned to the customer on time. If a student attempts to place an order without giving our writers sufficient time to write the document correctly, we will refuse to accept the order.

Guarantee of technical perfection

Students are guaranteed and can count on the fact that professional editors thoroughly check all papers for spelling errors, correct formatting and grammatical mistakes. Each paper is written correctly and in a captivating manner that will result in a high score.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

We want our customers to be happy with the work that we do for them. Therefore, we offer a full money back guarantee to any customer who is not satisfied with our writing.