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high-school-research-paper-topics August 02, 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Research Paper Writing
  2. Easy Level Topics
  3. Medium Level Topics
  4. Difficult Level Topics
  5. Extra Help from EssaysProfessor.com

Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper for high school is not as easy as it may seem, especially if a teacher does not provide students with a topic. Having an optional theme does mean a freedom of choice, but thinking of a successful topic that is both interesting and meets the academic standards requires considerable background knowledge and writing skills. Therefore, more and more teachers nowadays provide only general requirements that do not include high school research paper topics.

Luckily, our experts have decided to assist aspiring students and compiled a comprehensive list of original research paper topics for high school students. With such a list at your disposal, your chances of creating a paper that gets a good grade rise significantly. Even if none of the topics meets your expectations, you can at least draw some inspiration to create a unique topic of your own. Hopefully, with these easy research paper topics for high school, you will complete all the research paper writing stages effortlessly. After all, selecting a topic that you like means that the writing process will be much more enjoyable.

When creating these high school research paper topics, our experts took into consideration the needs of both senior students and freshmen. Simply select the one that you can manage with the time and resources available to you.

Find a Topic According to Your Preferences

Easy English Research Paper Topics for High School

  • The origins of country music (rock, jazz, r’n’b, etc.)?
  • The arts that appeared on borderlands between Mexico and the United states: their history, peculiarities, and meaning.
  • Where does sin originate from according to the Bible?
  • Out of the three branches of government, choose the one you consider the most powerful and explain your choice.
  • Early images and writing: what was the role of prehistoric communication?
  • Is there a difference between jail and prison? Do these differences entail better/worse treatment of prisoners?
  • What would you change in the current educational system? How different is it from ideal education?
  • The characteristics and teaching methods of a good teacher. Which is more important: teacher’s in-depth knowledge of the subject or his/her ability to explain the information to the class?
  • How do modern telescopes differ from the ancient ones?
  • Anti-colonialism movements in Hong Kong and New York: what were the differences and similarities?
  • Greenhouse effect leads to global warning: truth or fantasy?
  • Describe the political causes and impacts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing for the USA.
  • The social services in the Bahamas have been significantly improved. What led to the changes and what other steps are necessary to facilitate the progress.
  • Theodore Roosevelt as a military leader: a role model or person whose decisions were incorrect?
  • Discuss the ideal age to start drinking alcohol. 
  • Recently, the world has seen a plethora of technological inventions. Which of them are the most meaningful? Why do some technologies become widely popular while others never reach the general public?

High School Research Paper Topics of the Moderate Complexity

  • What were the social precursors of the revolution in Russia and the assassination of Alexander II?
  • Was the revolution in America beneficial in terms of women’s rights?
  • Describe the chivalric code in Medieval Europe. Does chivalry exist nowadays?
  • How does air pollution impact human health?
  • How does climate shape the development of countries?
  • Discuss a workable policy that would improve the people’s with disability access to high-quality education.
  • Is sport violent? How can we reduce the level of aggression in sports?
  • Describe the role of media in perpetuating racial stereotypes and sexism. Can TV programs, movies, and advertisement help establish equality and tolerance among people?
  • Education of teenage boys in India has some peculiarities. What are they?
  • How did women at the beginning of 20th century influence Europe?
  • What steps does government have to take to improve American prison system?

Topics of a Higher Level of Complexity

  • Describe Plato’s philosophy of mathematics and evaluate its significance.
  • How to remain an effective leader in a volatile situation?
  • Design a policy that your school administration could implement to prevent drug addiction among students.
  • In what way do pre-election results highlighted in media affect the voters’ final decisions?
  • Is there a correlation between limited educational possibilities for women and their willingness to take care of children?

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