Gender Roles: Individual and Society

Gender is the term which indicates the differentiation between women and men. Moreover, it shows various differences and similarities in the way they behave towards other people. Unfortunately, gender discrimination at the same time means oppression as every abused person feels himself or herself to be in deep despair.

Dan Gordon states that “Stereotypes persist, and lifestyle and personal preferences also keep some professions male- or female- dominated” (2001). It is frustrating to realize that even now, in the 21st century, exceptionally male and female professions still exist. As an example, a vast majority of people consider such professions as truck driver, politician, businessman, farmer, pilot, fireman, architect, lawyer and doctor as solely male-oriented, though today one can find an array of various examples of the professions mentioned above showing the woman while indicating her as a successful and single-minded person that equals to men.

However, such professions as security guard, carpenter, fireman, astronaut and pilot are mostly considered as male ones. Moreover, teachers, shop assistants and artists are shown to the society as preferably the female professions, however, many men with pleasure choose the jobs mentioned above. Finally, most people tend to discriminate others for the way they behave and very often blame them for the things they did or did not do, in such a way identifying to others who is guilty, and who is innocent.

If it were not for religion, women would not be educated and would have minimal health care (Kissling, 2013). Unfortunately, there are many facts about human rights abuses which often happen to women, whereas miserable efforts are made to protect females against violence in society and family. Furthermore, there are a lot of examples in different religions where a ridiculous role of women is shown to the society. In conclusion, gender discrimination is pervasive within almost all religions (Kissling, 2013). However, I do not agree with the need for gender roles to exist in certain religions simply because every human being should have equal rights in the society and family.

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