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Buy a case brief from our professional case brief writing service if you want to achieve academic success. Writing law briefs is an inseparable part of the daily curriculum of students majoring in Law. Sometimes, students find it challenging to cope with various types of legal writing, so that is where case brief writing services are beneficial. Due to numerous case brief writing services, it has become possible for students to free themselves from stress and worries and devote free time to more enjoyable and interesting activities. If you have no time, if you lack adequate knowledge and skills, or if you simply have no willingness to prepare the case brief on your own, feel free to place an order at our case brief writing service

If you turn to our service for help, be sure that the case brief will not only be of premium-quality writing but it will also be free from plagiarism since Essay Professor writers write all papers from scratch. Moreover, we ensure professional editing and proofreading of each paper by an expert team of the company`s editors. Professional editing ensures that your paper is impeccable in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as is free from typos. So, if case brief writing is real trouble for you, send us a message saying, “Please, write my case brief” and be sure in your academic success.

What Is a Case Brief?

If you are a student majoring in Law, you definitely need to know, “What is a case brief” since case brief writing assignments are some of the most popularly assigned ones. Our company`s case brief writing specialists have provided an overview of the most popular definitions of what a case brief if. Check them out below:

  1. A case brief refers to a detailed and brief investigating of a specific legal case, particularly what the parties were, what the issue was about, and what decision the court ruled. At this point, if you have identified that you have been assigned a specifically this type of document, start learning the structure as it is one of the fundamentals of the case brief writing success. To succeed in discussion and analysis of legal cases, you need to be able to define the most relevant issues at hand, discuss standpoints of every party, study the core legal issues, discuss the possible implications of the case, and provide information about the very court hearing. In the end, it is essential to mention the judge`s decision.
  2. A case brief may also relate to how one manages and operates with the information taken from a specific law case. Such a case brief has a specific pattern or a template. Therefore, if you want to get a good grade for this assignment, be sure to strictly follow the format and cite the sources that you have used.
  3. A case brief may also refer to a document that gives a comprehensive and detailed analysis of a certain law issue or case that you have selected to focus on. As such, when working on this type of document, you have to present the facts, discuss each party`s arguments concerning the case, emphasize the court`s decision, and provide a clear explanation for your personal beliefs and opinions regarding the significance of the case. Such a case brief type demands a lot of time to handle properly as it entails much research and investigation into the matter. Further, one has to be convincing enough in order to present the findings and viewpoints to the audience.
  4. If you are a student majoring in Law, you may be frequently assigned a case brief that entails a brief summation and comprehensive analysis of a given legal case. As such, when working on this type of academic project, it is essential to discuss specific facts about a certain legal case, to focus on the claims provided by the competing sides, provide a discussion of the main issues from the legal perspective, as well as to analyze the court`s decision and provide argumentation why a specific decision was made.

Purpose of a Case Brief Writing

The purpose of a case brief writing within the academic realm is to aid a student in the process of acquiring and analyzing different material obtained throughout a studying course. If you are writing a legal brief, you are expected to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of the issues outlined in a specific legal case. In other words, if you wonder how to brief a case, you should first find a case and analyze it in detail: read it as a whole, then split it into parts, reread the parts separately, search for theoretic background for providing credible evidence and expert support, and then reference the sources properly.

The ultimate purpose of any case brief is to recall the most significant events of the legal case and make a concise analysis in order to bring forward the significance of a specific legal case within a broader perspective.

Case Brief Template

Below you will find a short case brief template composed by our company’s experts. The most important parts of a case brief are the following:

  1. Legal theories and rules.
  2. Specific facts.
  3. The issue at hand.
  4. Holding and reasoning.
  5. The agreement that the parties/ the court managed to reach.
  6. The judge`s dissent.

Case studies may differ from one another depending on the requirements and peculiarities of different educational establishments but still, the following information should be definitely present:

  • specific facts concerning the legal case;
  • the legal issue that lies at the core;
  • the rules and laws that can be applied to a specific case;
  • the majority’s holding and reasoning;
  • a brief summary of the agreements and dissents.

Parts of a Case Brief Structure

Check out the following parts of a case brief structure that should be followed if you want to provide a successful case brief for your Law class.

Four parts that are critical to each case brief writing are:

  1. Facts concerning the legal case, namely the title of the case, the parties of the legal case, discussion of what happened and what the dispute involves legal procedures, and the final judge’s decision.
  2. The core issues of the dispute.
  3. The case holding, i.e. what rule or law can be applied to the case solution.
  4. The rationale for the holding.

Apart from these basic four elements, you may also want to focus on the following:

  1. Dicta (denotes a comment about the court’s decision that did not lie at the basis initially).
  2. Dissent (the contrary opinion concerning the case).
  3. Arguments of each party (discussion of the opposing issues concerning the case).
  4. Personal comments about the issue.

To make the case study more logical and organized, you may want to split the “Facts” section into the following subsections:

  1. Facts of the very case, namely, what event took place, what the controversy lies in, what led to the opposition.
  2. Procedural history (refers to the specific events in the judicial system that caused the existing legal case).
  3. The court’s judgment (what the court decided to issue the case).

Law Case Brief Writer

Legal Case Brief Writer

If case brief writing is an insurmountable task for you, ask for professional assistance from our company’s legal case brief writer. Our writing agency is definitely the best service that you can use for case brief writing. When you cooperate with us, you can be sure that you will get expert help from the most professional and qualified writer who has sufficient experience in the field of academic writing, particularly case brief writing. When we hire writers, we make sure that they do not only have fluent academic writing skills but that they also hold a degree in Law and can easily cope with a case brief on any topic. It is a must that the case brief is written to the topic.

It is always great when the organization and paragraph structure are logical and impeccable, it is impressive when the paper is flawless in terms of grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes but it is even more important and decisive for the final mark to have a case brief that is written strictly to the point. That is why we give preference to job applicants with Masters or Ph.D. diploma in Law. One when a person is well-versed in all the law concepts, rules, and laws can she complete a successful paper and deal with the case brief from a legal perspective. Therefore, it is our company’s ultimate requirement to hire only those candidates who are graduates from legal schools. Apart from numerous tests that evaluate writers’ knowledge in the field of Law, our company’s administration has also made sure that each job candidate undergoes a thorough interview.

If you have decided to collaborate with us, you should definitely know how to place a custom case brief with us. First of all, you need to visit our company’s website and fill in the registration field, where you will provide your personal and contact information. Second, you will be forwarded to the next web page, where you will be required to fill out the order placement form and provide details about your order and further instructions. Remember to upload any templates or samples if you have been given any by your professor. The most important details to mention about your order are the paper length, the deadline, the citation and formatting style, academic complexity, and mode of organization. Only after you have provided all the paper details and have paid for the order will the company’s writer start handling your task.

Concerning the writers’ work, you can either trust the company to assign the writer for you or you can choose your own writer (option of a preferred writer). The writer can be chosen either judging from the feedback on the website or from your own experience with our company. Nevertheless, regardless of the writer who is assigned to you, be sure that he/ she will match your paper requirements. All of our writers are qualified experts, so be sure the paper will be duly handled, organized, and formatted. Each writer whom we hire is an expert in the legal field.

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How to Write a Law School Case Brief?

Students who are given a legal brief for the first time, often wonder how to write a law school case brief. It is really difficult to cope with this assignment if it is a new one. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to look for some templates and samples online or even seek professional guidance if you want to succeed in writing. Check out expert guidelines on how to write a legal brief.

  1. Provide relevant facts concerning both of the parties and the case in general. Make sure you first identify the most crucial and significant facts that make the case special in some way. Here you should strike a balance between providing sufficient facts but at the same time not including too much unnecessary or irrelevant information. The very first thing you should mention is the names of the parties.
  2. Discuss the procedural history. Make sure you provide some background of what happened in a procedure before the actual event or controversy. Note information about court rulings, the possible trials that happened before, the verdicts, case filings, summary of the court’s decision, etc.
  3. Present the issue. Formulate the questions concerning the essence of the case. The question should be general, requiring a “yes” or “no” answer.
  4. Focus on the holding. In this section, you should directly address the question presented in the “Issue” section. As such, start the answer with “yes” or “no” but then provide ample argumentation as to why the answer is yes or no. What supporting evidence can you provide?
  5. Law ruling. Please always pinpoint the specific rule or law pertaining to the case. Be sure you specify which law the judges relied on when dealing with the case.
  6. Provide a discussion of legal reasoning. This is the crucial part of the case brief as it provides a detailed description and justification of why a specific decision was filed and why the court relied on a specific rule of law. When handling this section, make sure you are aware of what your own professor relies on more: the procedural history, the facts, the court’s ruling or the combination of all of these factors? Make sure to structure your discussion according to the requirements. Include specific citations of the court’s arguments and claims. In this part, be sure to investigate the detailed, step-by-step process of the court’s making decision. Double-check whether you have included everything and whether no important details were overlooked.
  7. Concurring viewpoints and dissents. This section does not require much focus on discussing it in detail. You just need to pinpoint the concurring and dissenting arguments that are evident in the case. Why the judge made that specific decision?
  8. Significance of the legal case in the class setting. Provide brief notes on why the discussion of the legal case may bear an important role in the class setting in general. Provide your contemplation on why you think this case was assigned to you, what lessons can be derived from it, what new information you have learned from it.
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Case Brief Writing Tips for Effective Writing

The most important case brief writing tips will be presented in simple ten steps below:

  1. Read the text of the very case carefully and attentively. Preferable read it twice: one time for general understanding and the second time for more detailed reading. Remember to take notes in the process.
  2. Highlight the most important facts.
  3. Come up with the best case brief writing format.
  4. Devise an outline in order to spend less time on organizational processes during writing.
  5. Develop each section of your case brief. Be clear in your explanations.
  6. Search for another option to provide in your casebook.
  7. Ensure the case brief is written according to a specific formatting style.
  8. Proofread the text and check grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.
  9. Find some similarities and differences with other legal cases.
  10. Provide a conclusion where you clearly state whether you agree with the court’s decision or not.

Law Case Brief Writing Services

Legal Case Brief Writing Services

If you do not know how to brief a case for law school, do not hesitate and seek help from our legal case brief writing services. To contact us, you can simply visit our company’s website and send us a message saying, “Please do my case brief homework for me.”

Why choose us? When you use any search engine and type in “I need help from a case brief writing service” or something like that, you will see numerous results. There are dozens of writing agencies available nowadays but how to find the best for you? First of all, pay attention to the popularity of a specific service among customers. Pay attention to whether the company has a good reputation and attention from clients from all over the world. Moreover, please take it into consideration whether customers from reputable educational establishments seek help from a specific online writing company.

Second, place focus on the pricing system and whether the company has managed to strike a balance between the quality of papers and the affordability of prices. Of course, pay attention to the overall organization of the company’s website. When a company is reputable, it provides all details about the company’s policies, guarantees, price ranges, customers’ feedback section, and others. Therefore, you should be able to easily find information about the company’s guarantee, namely, you should expect the following from your chosen case brief writing service:

  • timely delivery of each paper regardless of the topic, academic complexity, and deadline;
  • original and plagiarism-free writing;
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When it comes to writing service, these guarantees are only some of the many that our customers can enjoy. We are a great company that has won a large clientele base of loyal customers. Join us and ensure academic success.

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