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Research paper writing may be a bit frustrating and in some way a time-consuming due to a great number of references required by instructors, with a lot of pages needed to perform the assignment accurately. Conducting the right research implies finding the best terms, defining the best research paper ideas, recognizing the most reliable and trusted sides; but the most important is not about downloading some of the free online research papers, containing plagiarism. The majority of students struggle with a university or college research paper writing assignment, and you are not the only one. You are among a great number of students trying to come up with ideas for a research paper and find a way to complete the assignment.

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Great Research Paper Ideas

Great Research Paper Ideas: Give Your Paper a Head Start

Finding great research paper ideas might be one of the hardest stages of writing. Luckily, you have discovered this amazing article, where we have done the hardest job for you and compiled a list of amazing college research paper ideas to choose from. The topics are organized by categories to enable better navigation and search. Along with the list of good topics, we have also prepared some practical tips on writing a research paper and we are sure that you will find them helpful.

Excellent Psychology Research Paper Ideas

Below is an exquisite collection of excellent psychology research paper ideas. You can use them as ready-made topics for your future papers or draw some inspiration and create a topic of your own.

  1. Define and describe social psychology and its practical uses.
  2. Homophobia, racism, and sexism – why do societies perpetuate discrimination and prejudice?
  3. The development of social cognition.
  4. How we perceive other people.
  5. Forming attitudes.
  6. The dangers of cults and extreme social control methods.
  7. The subtleties of propaganda and marketing.
  8. From attraction and romance to love – describe the whole process.
  9. Most common mistakes in interpreting nonverbal communication.
  10. How to cultivate prosocial behavior?
  11. Leadership.
  12. Discuss the most suitable therapy for treating teenage depression.
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Psychological disorders are a goldmine for research paper ideas for college. Some potentially good topics include a description of the etymology of certain disorders as well as their treatment approaches. For example:

  1. Anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders
  2. Clinical depression.
  3. Dealing with phobias.
  4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  5. Bipolar disorder.
  6. Schizophrenia.
  7. Disorders causing antisocial behavior.
  8. Which type of therapy is more effective for treating clinical depression: group therapy or cognitive behavior therapy?

Human Cognition Topics Suggestions

They vary depending on the area of interest, namely, thinking, language, decision-making, etc. Likewise, you might want to focus on:

  1. Dreams: how they occur and how to interpret them.
  2. False memories.
  3. Attention: why it deteriorates under certain circumstances and how to improve it.
  4. Speech disorders in adults.
  5. How children acquire problem-solving skills.

Topics Related to Human Development

Topics related to early childhood will be interesting not only to students majoring in Psychology but also those who want their careers to be connected with children. Alternatively, you can go for conditions prevalent in older adults, for example, dementia. If you would like to explore this sphere, choose one of the following:

  1. Bullying (in schools and social media).
  2. Dyslexia (or other learning disabilities).
  3. Gender construction.
  4. Prenatal development of a person.
  5. Parenting styles suitable for children with learning disabilities.
  6. How does aging occur?

List of Good History Research Paper Ideas

Some good history research paper ideas include:

  1. The causes of the Gulf War.
  2. The collapse of the Egyptian Empire.
  3. Why the colonial system resulted in total failure.
  4. Gandhi’s contribution to ending the era of colonialism.
  5. The social and economic changes caused by Bronze Age discoveries.
  6. The origins of slavery. Has it ceased to exist in the 21st century?
  7. Historical changes brought about by the Civil Rights movement.
  8. Margaret Thatcher’s policy impact on British pop culture.
  9. Is the existence of the European Union justified?
  10. International relations from the perspective of Napoleon’s policy.
  11. How and why Europeans traveled to America?
  12. The period of Spanish domination in American history.
  13. How crops brought from the American continent shaped European diet.
  14. Slavery in America.
  15. Colonies based on class and their influence on American society.
  16. How the formation of American colonies contributed to the appearance of a unique national identity.
  17. Steel as the main reason why America became the global industrial power leader.
  18. Laissez-Faire economy principle and how it resulted in the Great Depression.
  19. The early days of the Civil Rights movement.
  20. Slavery in America vs. slavery on other continents.
  21. The true nature of the ‘white’ national identity of Americans.
  22. Cotton as the major trigger of slavery.
  23. The way black men and women had to go to be granted the right to vote.
  24. The damage Great Depression brought to the homes of African Americans.
  25. Did the first African American president change the course of American and world history?

Interesting Science Research Paper Ideas

Nanotechnology and Engineering: Interesting Science Research Paper Ideas

Discover some of the most interesting science research paper ideas and write an impressive paper. Technology and innovation always attract people, so you will get a guaranteed positive response from the readers if you choose a topic from the list below.

  1. Treating chronic illnesses and conditions with the help of innovations in microelectronics.
  2. The most recent nanotechnological discoveries that have proved useful in medical treatment.
  3. How do medical technologies change under the influence of nanotechnology?
  4. Can contact lenses with microelectronic elements help monitor blood sugar levels in diabetic patients?
  5. The future of medicine with nanotechnology.
  6. Describe an example of a ‘smart’ outfit that can help people with some diseases.
  7. The future of nanotechnological treatment of cancer.
  8. The risks associated with nanotechnology in medicine.
  9. Should nanotechnology be combined with DNA research for better outcomes?
  10. Are nanobots an effective substitute for nurses in delivering drugs for the patient?
  11. Using nanotechnology to provide people with food.
  12. The risks and benefits of nanomaterials.
  13. Will nanotechnological solutions be helpful in reaching patients in remote areas?
  14. What are the prospects for the lifespan of a human being if nanotechnology and DNA research is successful?
  15. Will it be possible to leave beyond the surface of Earth with appropriate nanotechnological equipment?
  16. How can nanotechnology be utilized to eliminate toxic waste?
  17. The pros and cons of nanomaterials.
  18. Appropriate regulation of nanotechnological research.
  19. Will nanoparticles make the surface of vehicles more resistant to damage?
  20. Is nanotechnological research a viable choice for investment?
  21. Can we develop nanoparticles that will reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere?

Unique Sociology Research Paper Ideas

Check out our unique sociology research paper ideas! If you are taking a sociology class, you know how fascinating this discipline is. As you do independent research on one of the topics below, you will like sociology even more. Find out more about people and their cultures, traditions, and practices. Since humanity is constantly developing, the new topics continue to appear, which means that sociology gives us endless opportunities for research. The best thing is that sociology allows you to study almost anything, from famous musicians to complex sociological theories. We have prepared academic research paper ideas for college students hoping that you will either find a topic for your future paper or get inspired to come up with your own. We have organized the list around umbrella ideas for your convenience. In particular, you can explore such areas:

  1. Nationality, race, and ethnicity.
  2. Mass media communication.
  3. Subcultures.
  4. Sexuality and gender.
  5. Social movements.
  6. Social classes and stratification.
  7. Communities.
  8. Spirituality and religion.
  9. Family.
  10. Consumerism.

Interesting High School Research Paper Topics for Students

Marvelous Biology Research Paper Ideas

We have also prepared an extensive list of marvelous biology research paper ideas related to the animal world. Students like exploring animal life because there is always something new and unexpected to learn. With these ideas, you, too, have a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of fauna.

  1. Should obesity in pets become punishable by law?
  2. How does the traditional diet of dogs differ from modern-day home pet trends?
  3. Male pregnancy among marine species.
  4. Should testing of cosmetics on animals be made illegal?
  5. Birds watching as meditation.
  6. Extinct animals.
  7. Can people really decrease the amount of meat production by going vegan?
  8. Animal abuse stemming from fashion trends
  9. What can ordinary people do to protect wild animals?
  10. The most fascinating camouflage mechanisms in animals
  11. Cognitive functions of primates.

Outstanding American Literature Research Paper Ideas

Outstanding American Literature Research Paper Ideas

Students in the US frequently receive writing tasks connected to American literature and what they need to cope with such tasks well is outstanding American literature research paper ideas. These papers allow learners to not only grasp the basics of good writing but also have some rest and enjoy the masterpieces of some of the best penmen in the world. If you love reading and already have favorite writers, choosing a topic for a literature assignment will not be difficult. However, if you would not mind some help, check out what we have prepared for you.

  1. Puritan ideas in Edwards’s works.
  2. Trace down the sources of inspiration of the first American poets.
  3. Some readers say John Woolman was a Quaker. Can you support or refute this idea based on his works?
  4. How did American poets describe the American Revolution?
  5. How did Phillis Wheatley’s works signify abolitionism in the literature of that time?

Remarkable Economic Research Paper Topics Ideas

If you prefer economics to literature, we recommend choosing topics form the following list of remarkable economic research paper topics ideas. Macroeconomics or microeconomics? The choice is yours.

  1. The relation between supply and demand.
  2. The newest tools used to study consumer behavior.
  3. The elasticity of demand.
  4. The basics of short- and long-run costs of production.
  5. How to maximize profits.
  6. Perfect competition.
  7. Is there an ideal way to determine wages?
  8. The influence of labor unions on labor markets.
  9. Lowering entry barriers.
  10. Measurement and forecasting in the economy.
  11. Macroeconomic models.
  12. Fiscal policy in the US.
  13. Trade limitations in international trade.
  14. Monetary Union in Europe.
  15. How globalization leads to inequality.

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Superb Social Media Research Paper Ideas

For those who like discussing hot and controversial topics, we have compiled a list of superb social media research paper ideas.

  1. How to effectively convey a message on social media using visual elements?
  2. To what extent do social media shape consumer behavior?
  3. Social media for start-ups.
  4. Should parents monitor the social media activity of their kids?
  5. How to protect kids from cyberbullying?
  6. Instagram addiction.
  7. Do social media make people closer?
  8. Social media in education.
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Superior Chemistry Research Paper Ideas

The main reason why writing a chemistry paper is a real challenge is because you have to choose a topic, but the task is made easier with the following list of superior chemistry research paper ideas. Chemistry papers require much of your time and attention and now you can focus entirely on writing because you do not have to try to come up with a good topic on your own!

  1. Are sugar drinks killing our bone structure?
  2. What is acid rain and how does it damage plants?
  3. Does plastic packaging make food dangerous?
  4. Is organic food less harmful than food from traditional supermarkets?
  5. Which chemicals give you food allergies?
  6. Whole vs. skim milk.
  7. Can we treat vitamin deficiencies with a diet change?
  8. Describe aging from the chemical perspective.
  9. Ossification.
  10. The best chemistry-related careers.
  11. The chemistry of dental fillings.
  12. The chemistry behind a mascara.
  13. How do pheromones influence human behavior?
  14. Baking soda or powder: which is better for your body?
  15. Are ‘natural flavors’ indeed natural?

Awesome Nursing Research Paper Ideas

Awesome Nursing Research Paper Ideas

We are presenting you the first part of awesome nursing research paper ideas on relationships between nurses and doctors:

  1. How does a doctor’s treatment differ from that of a nurse?
  2. The characteristics of the working relationships of nurses and doctors: what should be improved?
  3. The differences between RN and NP.
  4. Do nurses need residencies?
  5. Should nurses prescribe antibiotics?

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Topics about the Nursing Working Process and Management

  1. The most common health problems among nurses.
  2. The legal consideration of irregular working hours in hospitals.
  3. The three steps to help restore work-life balance for nurses.
  4. How do increased working hours impact the quality of healthcare services?
  5. Placebo method: the advantages and dangers.
  6. Effective time-management will help nurses avoid burnout: agree or disagree.
  7. The role nurses play in disease prevention.
  8. The use of simulation mannequins.
  9. What will the future of nurses be like?
  10. Ethical approaches to announcing terminal diagnoses.
  11. Cultural considerations to bear in mind when working in Native Americans hospitals.
  12. Is America a country of nurses?
  13. Is laughter indeed the best medicine and how does it help eliminate stress?

Stereotypes and Discrimination in Hospitals

  1. Widespread stereotypes about male nurses.
  2. The challenges of a gap year.
  3. Governmental support of education for nurses.
  4. Violation of ethics in nursing.
  5. How can nurses defy stereotypes about their profession?

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