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If it is the case you would like to earn some money from our affiliate program, the process is easy. Simply bring acquaintances and friends to our company and we will give you 10% of any orders they place. Furthermore, we will give your friends a discount the first time they order from us!

The process for starting to earn in this way is relatively easy. Firstly, it is imperative to have an account with This is set up when a customer first places an order with us. An affiliate link or special promotional/discount code is made available in each customer’s user account. This can be shared (by email or whatever means you find convenient) with people you know. As soon as anyone who receives this link or code from you uses it, the ordering system registers the details including the fact you were responsible for the referral.

In using the promotion code or clicking the link that originated from you, the person you referred will be presented with the form we use for processing orders. Their eligibility for a discount will be applied in automated fashion and this is how new customers referred by you get discounts on first orders with

Your 10% earnings from each order will be credited to your account once the customers you refer have paid the required order price and the transaction is complete. You can offset any money you earn through our affiliate program against next orders with us.
So, to conclude, all we require is for you to pass on an affiliate link or discount code to people you think might need it. If or when any person you refer places an order using the affiliate route, we will discount the cost of their order and we will credit your account with 10% of the cost of the order. You just cannot lose by becoming an affiliate!