offers professional assistance with compare and contrast essays. Knowing how to write a compare and contrast essay can be difficult. In part they are difficult because you can go off track and lose your train of thought as you progress with comparing and contrasting two separate entities. A lot of students flounder because they haven’t put enough effort into planning their essay and deciding on an action plan at the outset. With good advance planning, custom writing is made much easier.

As the title indicates, writing a compare and contrast essay requires the writer to identify the main likenesses and different between two objects. In general this type of assignment is thought to be easier than many other types. But, as with any other custom paper, it needs to be properly planned, organized and researched in order for it to be effective. Hence, we offer you some tips here to help you with writing essay papers of a compare and contrast nature.

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Selecting topics for your compare and contrast essays

Selecting a suitable topic is the first step in understanding how to write a compare and contrast essay. The key task is to select two objects that bear some relation to each other and compare and contrast them. So, your subject matter should have likenesses and differences. So, for example, your essay could be based on a study of two people, two books, two modes of transport or two seasons of the year.

Preparing and planning your compare and contrast essays

Because your paper is based on a study of two objects, it is wise to structure and organize your ideas before starting to write. It may be helpful to create a column each of the objects under examination and list any characteristics you can think of about them. This should help you collate the likenesses and different of both objects when writing a compare and contrast essay.

Develop a thesis statement for your compare and contrast essays

After making the list, the next stage is to develop a thesis statement that will capture the essence of your whole paper. In formulating a thesis statement, you should consider the key likenesses and differences of your subject matter. The list you made at the outset should help you work out the most important contrasts and, in turn, form the basis of your paper’s thesis. Developing a thesis statement can be difficult and, should you need assistance, there are plenty online writing services where you can buy papers or example papers from at relatively cheap prices.

Organizing and structuring your compare and contrast essays

Irrespective of whether you write essay papers by yourself or buy them from a reliable online source, it is crucial they are well organized and logically structured because you are describing the characteristics of two items. Should you fail to structure your thoughts effectively, your reader may find your work confusing. Generally, there are two methods by which you can structure your paper, which are described below.

A method known as ‘tandem pattern’ is one that many favor. Following the introduction, this entails devoting a paragraph to one object and the next paragraph to the second object. After describing both subjects, the writer will then offer an analysis of their likeness and differences. Following this section, they will end their paper with a conclusion. Another popular method is known as the ‘alternative pattern’. In this method, the writer will alternatively describe the likenesses and similarities of the subject, rather than describing them in separate sections. This method is useful for lengthy essays.

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Writing a conclusion for your compare and contrast essays

Your conclusion paragraph will bring your essay to a close. In this section, you should reiterate your thesis statement and remind your readers about your arguments. You can also offer your own viewpoint as you bring closure on the subject matter.

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