Apollo Group, Inc. is a private company that offers online and on campus educational programs and services at all learning levels; they are: undergraduate, master’s and doctoral.

Apollo Group, Inc. has several subsidiaries such as the University of Phoenix, Institute for Professional Development, the College of Financial Planning Institute Corporation and Meritus University and they are critical in execution of Apollo Group, Inc’s mission. In addition, Apollo Group Inc. entered a joint venture with The Carlyle Group to foster its investment in the global education industry. Report shows that the company had managed to attain 85.6% of the entire Global venture by August 31st 2011 while its partner Carlyle owned 14.4%.

SWOT Analysis of Apollo Group Inc.


Apollo Group Inc. is presently offering both online based and on campus based classes. Generally, the tuition fee charged by the University of Phoenix is lower than what other traditional University charge for a similar course.

The other strength of Apollo Group, Inc. is its accredited degree programs; the university is presently offering 15 degree programs that are authorized by the Higher Learning commission. In addition, University of Phoenix prides itself in offering current and relevant standardized programs as a result of its expertise in content. Last but not least, Apollo Group Inc. University instructors are professionals in their fields. Lastly, the UOP conducts an evaluation on applicants before they are enrolled to a particular course thereby ensuring that the students enrolled in any course are accorded a life credit for the same.


Among the weaknesses experienced by Apollo Group Inc., there is pressure posed by the presence of many other on-line schools in the current world, the need to increase investment in technology to counteract increasing on-line and on-campus education, service delivery, controversial issues and disagreements related to traditional higher education learning process.  


Several opportunities are available for Apollo Group Inc, this includes continuity in online education, UOP can also decide to capitalize on increasing the educational and service programs it offers in order to remain competitive in the global market. On the other hand, the global market is an opportunity where UOP can consider promoting and extending its present business model. Besides the general online programs, UOP could consider investing in specific online educational programs such as adult educational program based on the availability and schedule for such persons. At the same time, University of Phoenix could consider allowing adults to create their own study time based on their work schedule.


Being an existing organization, Apollo Group Inc. is exposed to several threats, among them continuing struggle to ensure that the institution receives authorization on all its courses. On the other hand, UOP is exposed to threats from other competitors who are likely to introduce new marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage over the University of Phoenix. At the same time, UOP is exposed to pressure to change its educational catchment strategy since the world is realizing a transition on on-line education from working adults to attracting high school graduates.     

Financial Analysis of Apollo Phoenix Group, Inc.

Throughout the history, Apollo Phoenix University recorded a growth rate of 25% from 1994 with an increase of 31% revenue between 2001 and 2002. Its on-line educational program constitutes 60, 000 students which is 60% increment compared to the class based programs. In terms of prosperity, Apollo Phoenix Group Inc. is considered to be one of the companies that have succeeded since it managed to split twice and almost tripled its stock following its IPO in 2000.     

Lessons from Apollo Phoenix Group, Inc.

First and foremost, for business progress, one must be ready to ignore its detractors. This principle enabled John Sperling to create and protect the UOP from hostility and numerous legal attacks.

Secondly, one should be ready to take risks if he/she realizes success in business. According to Apollo Phoenix Group, Inc. Company founder, he operated the business to almost bankruptcy in many occasions. However, the bet-the-farm risk ideology enabled the founder to remain focused and build the company in the long run.

In addition, one should not challenge the authority if he/she is not able to execute the perceived new ideologies. This implies that various characteristics that are necessary for business success are not a safe ride. Moreover, setting goals is sometimes not necessary especially when one is not sure of where he/she is going to.

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