The importance of every business or organization to carefully coordinate the marketing communication strategies in order to portray clear competitive and consistent message about the business and its product. The effective communication has been a great challenge to any result oriented business. The way the communication practitioners are combining, coordinating and effectively making use of the communication tool will have great effect on the products or the service that the company produces. Moreover, it is believed that the company should not leave any room for error, miscommunication or even allow any time for confusion. The integrated marketing communication is very important for every business to run effectively. The effective communication is the key to success of any particular business and hence the need for the good and effective communication aspect. Unless all aspect related to the business are well intertwined the business objective may not be well achieved. Communication in any business assist in the understanding the needs of all parties in the business environment .Clear understanding   of the requirement of the various parties in the business environment enable the business people to fully comment themselves in satisfying the requirement of the people. In addition, when the communication within the business environment is effectively done, marketing of the business’ products becomes very easy. The needs of the customers are clearly understood while the objective of the business is well understood by all employees.

The integrated  marketing  communication(IMC) refer to the management concept that is meant to ensure that all areas of the marketing communication that may include advertising, sales promotion, public relation  and also direct marketing are able to be coordinated and work together effectively  and not allow each aspect to  work separately (Ferreira-Aparicio 2005).The effective  communication will ensure that the messages  are properly  and carefully connected  together to enhance proper delivery of the information required by the  customers and the community at large. All the promotional tools are connected together in a proper way to ensure that they are able to work well .The summation of all the aspect of the communication created a better platform for the business to stand and allow the customers to air out their need in more simple and clear way. When the customers’ needs are effectively understood, it will enable the business to have and easy time in enabling the organization to effectively  sell its product  to the customers .In addition, effective communication also allow the employees in the organization to contribute toward decision  making or rather to be involved in setting the objectives or the goals of the organization. Involvement  of the  employees in the setting the objective of the organization becomes very critical because they will no longer  be forced to own the objective or try to meet  standards that they cannot achieve. The employees set the goals together management people and hence each and every person in the organization becomes the owner of the objective of the business. Implementation of such goals or objectives is very easy for the organization. The synergy created from the integrated communication will enable the business to achieve its objectives. The competition that faces the business or the organization ishandled in very sober way thus ensuring that the organisation does not overstretch its resources so much.The argument of the integrated marketing communication clearly allow the understanding  of the financial, competitive and the effectiveness benefits that are associated with the proper integrated marketing communication synergy.

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Steps to Develop Effective Integrated Marketing Communication

The marketing communication strategies must be put together well in manner that will enable the achievement of the laid down goals. Everything requires good and proper coordination to ensure better results are achieved. The following steps will be of much importance in the developing effective integrated marketing communication:

I) Identify the Target Audience

The organization must carefully identify the target group for their information (Hope  2010).The target group for any  organization may be their they current customers. However, it is  important to understand that the business is also meant to increase its customers to ensure it is able to sell more .Further, one of the key goal of any business is to increase the profit that the organisation is able to make in any particular time. The goal of profit maximization is only achievable when the business is bale to effectively identify the target customers and be able to meet their needs in better and more confortable way. The target audience of the organization will be the potential buyers or the current customers of the organization. More importantly, organization has to understand the people who influence the decision of buying the product from the organization and those people who actually buy the product.

ii) Determine the Communication Objectives

The goals of the organization  must be clearly set to ensure that the customers understand objective of the organization. The employees of the organization must also understand the goal of the organisation well to ensure they effectively utilize resources toward achievement of these specific goals. The marketer must also set his goals well before moving to the field to get customers for the product. The marketer of the product must also understand the  target customers  and the level at which the customers must be moved  to. The main aim of the  any  organization marketer  is to move the customer to higher level of the utility and finally  induce them to purchase the product  in even more higher quantity (Guo 2007).

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iii) Design the Message

The first thing to do in ensuring effective integrated marketing communication is to establish the target customers or the target group for their product (Shimp 1997). Having established the target customers, the organisation determine the objective or the goal that it want to achieve in certain given time frame. This will guide the marketer in developing the necessary information that need to be communicate to these people to ensure they are induced in buying the product  from the organization. The effective communication that will move the customers to purchase the product must be developed.  The message should be able to get the attention of the customers, hold their interest, arouse their desire to purchase the product and finally induce them to purchase the product. Several information is required to be able to move the customers from the point of awareness of the product to the purchase of the product (Bryant & University of Manchester 2008) . The message must be developed in a way that will enable the customers to get interested with product and hence able be to make the purchase of the product. The marketer must put the information clearly and together all themessage the marketer intends to pass to the target group. The method to put across the information must also be determined particularly the message content, structure and the format.

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