Discovering the opinion of the Las Vegas population on the issue of lowering the minimal drinking age can be implemented by conducting a public opinion poll, which would include a variety of respondents, representing the entire city population. The choice fell on public opinion poll since it provides the most accurate response to the raised question, using a number of diverse approaches of analyzing the respondent data. Other suggested solutions could not be as accurate and precise, as each of them has a certain limitations. Public voting on the website can be biased as the new policy supporters may outnumber the people who took the side opposing lowering of the drinking age. People outside Las Vegas may take part in the online vote as well. Conducting surveys in the city malls would also have the results that may differ day to day, as the people visiting malls do not represent the entire Las Vegas population. It would take City Council a while to put the question on the vote for the people, and besides allow the City Council members make the questions oriented towards the necessary decision.

In order to ensure a public opinion poll is maximally unbiased and represents the opinions of the majority of Las Vegas citizens, it has to be organized, using a few rules. The sample would consist of 5000 people, although 10000 is a more preferred number, as it would increase the accuracy, as well the time for analyzing the results. Sample would include 50% of men and 50% of women, include representatives of the major ethnic groups, inhabiting Las Vegas, as well as draw people for the poll from all parts of the city. People with all levels of income, lowest to highest, would be included in the sample. Sampling error should not exceed 2-3%.

Once a public opinion poll is chosen and the questions are created by the opponents of lowering the drinking age, one of the questions would be: “Considering the scientifically proved fact drinking negatively influences the brain of the young people, would you risk allowing them to be affected by the alcohol from such age, resulting in mental illnesses and disorders?”

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