The invention of smart devices is one of the best things that have happened in this century because they have replaced the need to carry a computer to access some programs. Some of such innovations include smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. Smart devices connect with each other through networks such as Bluetooth and Wifi (Pulverman and Yellowlees 242). Their portability and unique features are some of the fascinating factors that have made them the best-selling products in the world. It is important to note that smart devices have come to revolutionize everything. Young people and the old have liked the new technology, and even people from the low class own at least one type of a smart device. Therefore, the increasing popularity of smart devices is a result of a rise in the number of companies producing them users demand, and the scope of use of such innovations in a wise way, which can facilitate awareness and communication among people enabling them to support good relationships with their families and friends.

First, the trend of the increasing popularity of smart devices is explained by the fact that over the last few years, there has been a high influx of innovations such as smartphones. Such tech giants as Apple and Samsung have faced intense competition from some emerging manufacturers. There are very many brands of smart devices in the market, establishing their market share slowly. After the introduction of smartphone by Apple, no one thought that other competitors would arise. However, this was not to be true, since many players in the market have very cheap devices with many features. The rising competition has been a great challenge to the main companies like Apple and Microsoft (Smith). The same has also provoked them to lower prices to match the ones charged by competitors.

Another trend that has emerged in the sphere of smart devices is that the number of people using them has increased significantly. Many persons use such innovations since they have found them to be of great significance in their lives. It is estimated that 6.1 billion people will use smartphones in 2016. Moreover, today the figure in the USA is 65 percent of adults, and it has risen from 35 percent since 2011 (Pulverman and Yellowlees 242). The number is quite high, and this is an indication that they cannot imagine their lives without the smartphone technology. In case of youths, smart devices present an excellent tool that helps them in social networking. They can easily access various social sites through smartphones. Additionally, many young people can use such social media platforms as Facebook and WhatsApp. The latter have become part of their lives, and people want to access social sites all the time. Smartphones enable them to do this at any place.

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Another trend that has arisen with smart devices is the scope of their usage for different purposes. For example, at least 50% of U.S. citizens use smart devices such as smartphones for Internet access (Smith). They have been of great help not only to the U.S. population, but also to other people all over the world. Worldwide, at least 54.3% of persons use mobile phones for Internet connection, and the figure is expected to reach above 60% by 2017. At least, 7% of the U.S. residents use smartphones as their only source of Internet connectivity (Smith). Additionally, the trend indicates that people also use such devices for sharing information with others.

The trend of the increasing number of smart devices and companies manufacturing them is a result of the rising demand. Almost everyone is looking for a smartphone or an iPad that has unique features. The rising demand has also pushed players in the market to intensify their competition to supply clients with smart devices. It is even becoming rare to find an individual without any type of such innovation. The trend can also be explained by the fact that there are very many young people who need smart devices to access the social media (Lim, Lee, and Ahn 742). Due to the growing need for the latter, the demand for such innovative tools is increasing. It is indisputable that this wave is not going to stop soon. The social media continues to attract new fans, and thus the demand for smartphones is also increasing. People will continue to own such smart devices because they like connectivity that the ones provide through social online platforms (Smith). Another factor that explains why many users now own smart devices is that the latter are very cheap as compared to computers. The former are affordable to many people and provide better experience than the latter. The most fascinating thing is that smart devices have almost the same speed as some computers. Due to their connectivity, size and experience, people opt to buy the former rather than the latter. As a result, smart devices are becoming more popular among people (Lim, Lee, and Ahn 746). The main reason for the use of a smartphone as the only way of accessing the Internet is because users do not have a computer or any other device for this purpose. The same indicates that smart devices are of great help to individuals because they enable them to connect with the world with just a simple tool (Smith).

The increasing number of players in the industry is of benefit to consumers. I praise this trend because heavy competition has made industries produce high-quality devices to attract clients. The latter also benefit from many unique features. On the other hand, the trend has also influenced the reduction of cost of a smartphone. Due to intense competition, producers have been forced to lower prices. As a result, reduced costs of smart devices have made it possible for many people to own smartphones. For example, they can have access to health information and can adopt healthy lifestyles through different applications (Smith). The trend of the increasing demand for smartphones has proven how they have revolutionized human lives. It is now easy to connect with friends and even family members at any place through a smartphone. Information is also readily available to all people in the real time. Through smart devices, one gets to know about what is happening in every corner of the globe. Even individuals who may not have had a chance to read newspapers are now updated, since smartphones have provided them with the best way of connecting with the rest of the world (Smith). Furthermore, I praise the trend of the increasing number of smart devices users because people can easily access the Internet without the need for the cyber technology or sitting in front of a computer. It is evident that the Internet is a very rich resource of information, and when people are easily connected, they can be aware of the most recent trends, news and innovations. In addition, users are in a better position to perform many functions that could not have been possible with the help of old generation phones. Owning smart devices makes human lives so easy since the technology connects them with almost all sources of information that they need. For example, it is easier to find a direction with just a smartphone and its system of navigation (Jadhav et al. e160). The above trend is amazing. I strongly support it because it reveals to me that smart devices are very important to some people. Smartphones are their main source of information making people gain better access to free education materials as well as books. The availability of a number of reading materials has made it easy for persons to acquire more knowledge. Furthermore, smart devices also provide a lot of information about ways of maintaining and improving health, for example, methods of tobacco cessation. Additionally, people have better access to other features, such as videos and music through smart devices (Pulverman and Yellowlees 242).

In conclusion, smart devices have revolutionized the way people live. They have gained a lot of popularity because of their convenience and portability. Over the years, the number of manufacturers has been showing an upward trend. Since there are very many companies producing smart devices, many people can own and afford such innovations because of increased competition in the field. The trend has occurred due to a rise in the demand for smart devices. Another key trend is an increase in smart device users. By 2016, the number of the latter has hit 6.1 billion (Jadhav et al. e160). It indicates that smart devices have become an important element in human lives. Many people continue to use smartphones as their only device for connecting to the Internet. As a result of such a trend, users are now connected and are likely to establish close ties with their friends and relatives. Smart devices also allow them to access education materials, and they get important about health issues that they can share with others.

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