The age of the New Nation became a real relief to the part of African Americans, inhabiting the southern states. Those of them who managed to move north, to the states that announced abolition, got various opportunities of living as free people, independent of their former owners. However, the majority of African Americans remained living in the south, under the strict control of the farmers they worked for, as simultaneously an age of cotton arose, making it the key agricultural crop of the southern states. The population of the US was growing, and the slaves contributed to this number a lot as well; their numbers were increasing annually. Since slave trade was prohibited worldwide in 1808, slaveholders commenced treating slaves in more appropriate ways, but this could not stop the rebellion that was rising in minds of the African Americans.

North was a controversy to South, as black people were already free there. However, this did not mean they had equal rights with the white people; at least, the latter ones did not like the idea of giving the African American equal social, political and economic rights in the society. Some states, like Ohio, issue special “Black Laws” to keep the former slaves in the strict limitations, leading to the decrease of any influence of the African Americans on the development of the country and society in general. African Americans mostly tried to do anything possible to oppose the system: they signed petitions to the government, protested etc. Their main achievement was creation of small communities that began developing inside the country, constructing churches, schools, doing business within and outside the communities. 

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