Helen has enormous responsibilities at the accounting department and at the university. As the president of Beta Alpha Psi, Helen has the responsibility of ensuring that the significant ethical values relating to the world of accounting are nurtured among all students; hence, promoting the duties of the accounting department at the university. Additionally, Helen has a responsibility to perform well at the course of her studies. She has a responsibility to ensure that the university rules are observed accordingly. In addition, she has to adhere to all the rules and regulations governing the university in all aspects, as she agreed to the terms and conditions before joining this educational establishment.

It is significant to note that Helen also has to exhibit the best behavior to her classmates and other students in the department. Helen is the president of Beta Alpha Psi, meaning that she is a leader and is recognized all over the institution. In line with the requirements of the effective leadership in the society, Helen has to set the best example to others. She must ensure that other students, both in class and in the department, adhere to the rules by setting a good example.

Big & Apple LLC is an accounting firm that has offered Helen a position after the completion of her last year at the university. Brooks & Dunn (2009) affirm that in respect to the position offered to Helen, she has the responsibility to work with the high levels of integrity, accountability and honesty. It is obvious that the accounting firm would be dealing with numerous financial transactions and she would be entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that all these amounts stay intact. Construction of financial reports would also call for integrity and high levels of honesty, when handling the large amounts of cash.

Notably, Helen also has a responsibility to perform well to the professor of Accounting 544. First, Helen she has to ensure that she delivers the best performance that would be an appreciation for the effective guidance given by the professor of Accounting 544. Additionally, Helen has the responsibility of ensuring that there is an order in her class for the professor to find it easier to teach. She is also responsible for ensuring that she reports any incidents of exam malpractices to the professor. This is in line with the enhancement of genuine performance among other students in the class and even the entire university.

She has the responsibility of advising her best friend on the best mode of behavior. Helen should not allow her friend to try to mislead her, as she has the responsibility to offer advice and ensure that she acts according to the requirements of the university and its ethical standards. Helen also has to warn her friend and advise her to return the paper to the professor’s desk. The key consequence of these actions is the loss of the trust and mutual respect in their friendship, as her friend would have a feeling that Helen does not appreciate her efforts in assisting her.

Helen also has a responsibility toward herself. She has the responsibility of ensuring that she works hard and achieves her life goals. She wants to better her grades and the best move toward this is working hard with a high level of confidence and belief in herself. She is responsible of ensuring she maintains her core values without being swayed by the external forces.

Ethical Values to Guide Helen’s Decision

Honesty is one of the key ethical values that should guide Helen in her decision-making. It is significant for all individuals to uphold honesty in their daily lives, even in cases, where they fall in a difficult situation. Helen must be guided by honesty that implies that she has the duty of working hard, taking her examinations honestly, and achieving the honest results. This would give her more satisfaction, even as she will be working for Alpha Beta Psi.

Helen should also be guided by integrity, when making her decision. Integrity refers to the consistency that one adheres to, when making decisions in life. Helen must be guided by integrity that demands genuine operations and interactions with other people. She must make a decision that would reflect her position as a leader and as an ethical person, who adheres to the rules of integrity. Jackson, Sawyers, & Jenkins (2008) confirm that integrity would help her to make the best decision and refuse the paper offered by her best friend.

Selflessness would also be an effective guide to Helen in making her decision. Mintz & Morris (2007) reiterate that ethics does not support selfish people and it does not require individuals to participate in actions that promote their self-interests. Helen must remain mindful of other students and should make a vital and thoughtful decision that would exemplify self-centeredness and lack of responsibility. This would ensure that she rejects the paper offered to her by her best friend.

What I Would Do?

In case if I were Helen, I would not take the paper offered to me by my best friend. I would approach the head of the accounting department for effective advice and seek vital steps to resolve my dilemma. I believe that the head of the accounting department would summon Helen and he or she would be able to offer the helpful guidance. This will help in the resolution of the ethical dilemma, as he/she would assist in taking the paper away from Helen. My position would not change even in case, where Empire State University has an honor code. I would work hard and maintain honesty in my examinations even in case, where a prize of $5000 is to be issued to the students, who graduate summa cum laude. I would better get an average of B with the high levels of integrity, honesty, and personal work, instead of seeking short cuts that go against the ethical standards.

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