Editing and Rewriting Papers: Tips on How to Do It Efficiently

Once you have fully discussed the topic of your assigned papers and have thoughtfully addressed all the points on the plan, then it is time to lay the papers aback and after a break go on with editing and rewriting papers.

As you are working in some text processor, your spellchecker will surely underline some awkwardly written or misspelled words, thus easing you the task of proofreading. However, as you start editing, do not be in haste to correct misspelled words or wrong punctuation marks.

This is the step that should be done later. The very first thing you need to pay attention to when you are editing and rewriting papers is the content, poorly organized paragraphs, and clumsy-looking sentences. In other words, when editing and rewriting papers, it is essential to find gaps in your thinking that was not molded into words in the best way.


Once you have saved your completed paper in the proper format in the text processor, make sure to check the text via the spellchecking application.

Here keep in mind that there are various spellcheckers and some are better than others. Still, virtually all of them will properly identify homophones that were used improperly according to the context. If you are more or less experienced writer, you will surely know your weak points with such words as you’re & your, affect & effect, they’re & their, etc.

There are many more of such words and it is possible to double-check their correct spelling in the most appropriate software apps. You can do part of spellchecking work manually: you can compose a list of words that you have troubles. Thus, when proofreading your paper, you will pay attention to specific words and phrases.

When rewriting a paper, consider correct usage of words that end with –s. These can be plural forms, singular forms ending with –s or possessive case.

Grammar Checkers

Apart from spellcheckers, many word processors also have grammar checkers. Still, while the former are fairly reliable, the latter are worse in their effectiveness. Despite the fact that many grammar checkers are becoming more and more sophisticated, they cannot always understand the meaning of the sentence (especially in terms of structure) to pinpoint which grammar form is acceptable and which is not. Online grammar check for college papers may highlight some problems and even suggest potential solutions and ways of improvement. However, do not merely rely on grammar check programs. Frequently, grammar checkers underline fairly long sentences but it is not the reason to delete it or paraphrase if you really need it (for example, if you want to emphasize something in this precise wording). Surely, if the bulk of your paper is written in lengthy sentences and flowery language, then the grammar check may pinpoint to this issue and it would be better if you got rid of it.

Grammar checkers are also effective if you need to pick passive structures in your text. This work will be done brilliantly, and all that will be left for you to do is to change them into proper active voice where possible. Still, before blindly rewriting all constructions from passive into active, make sure you closely study the differences in the usage of active and passive voice.

If you wish to improve your grammar and writing, it is great to practice more and more identifying mistakes so that in the future you will have an eye for detail. For example, with more editing and proofreading practice, it will be easier for you to detect misspelled words or wrongly put commas. One of the handy tips is to print out some rules on comma usage and check on it whenever you are proofreading papers.

Whether you use automatic grammar checkers or not, it is prudent to become aware of problems that may frequently bother you as a writer. One of the best tips is to look through mistakes and writing inconsistencies after your professor has checked your paper. When professors check your essays, they often leave some comments or remarks. Therefore, it would wise to read them carefully and take everything into consideration. This strategy will help you grow as a writer and eliminate similar mistakes in the future. At least, if you are attentive and careful when reading professor’s comments, you would hardly make the same mistakes in your future paperwork.

If you cannot properly check expletive structures (starting from “here is…”, “there is…”, “there are…” etc.), then it is advisable to check the correctness of these structures manually via consulting credible grammar sources. In some sources, you will find advice how to change clauses into better options if they start with such weak statements. Usually, the most popular advice is to find out what the subject is and then introduce it to the sentence at the very beginning. If it is hard to check grammar on your own, you may as well seek professional help from expert rewriting services.

You can also research information on apostrophe usage and make sure that you use apostrophes correctly in possessive cases, contractions, and in some plural forms.

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