Table of Contents

  1. Research Paper Writing
  2. Easy Level Topics
  3. Medium Level Topics
  4. Difficult Level Topics
  5. Engaging Research Topics for High School Students
  6. Interesting Research Topics for High School Students
  7. Wide-Ranging High School Research Topics
  8. Research Topics for High School Students
  9. Various Research Topics for High School Learners
  10. List of Chemistry Research Paper Topics for High School
  11. List of Biology Research Paper Topics for High School
  12. Physics Research Paper Topics for High School
  13. The Most Popular Math Research Paper Topics for High School
  14. Persuasive Research Paper Topics for High School Students
  15. Discussing Topics that Demand Special Attention

Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper for high school is not as easy as it may seem, especially if a teacher does not provide students with a topic. Having an optional theme does mean a freedom of choice, but thinking of a successful topic that is both interesting and meets the academic standards requires considerable background knowledge and writing skills. Therefore, more and more teachers nowadays provide only general requirements that do not include high school research paper topics.

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Luckily, our experts have decided to assist aspiring students and compiled a comprehensive list of original research paper topics for high school students. With such a list at your disposal, your chances of creating a paper that gets a good grade rise significantly. Even if none of the topics meets your expectations, you can at least draw some inspiration to create a unique topic of your own. Hopefully, with these easy research paper topics for high school, you will complete all the research paper writing stages effortlessly. After all, selecting a topic that you like means that the writing process will be much more enjoyable.

When creating these high school research paper topics, our experts took into consideration the needs of both senior students and freshmen. Simply select the one that you can manage with the time and resources available to you.

Find a Topic According to Your Preferences

Easy English Research Paper Topics for High School

  • The origins of country music (rock, jazz, r’n’b, etc.)?
  • The arts that appeared on borderlands between Mexico and the United states: their history, peculiarities, and meaning.
  • Where does sin originate from according to the Bible?
  • Out of the three branches of government, choose the one you consider the most powerful and explain your choice.
  • Early images and writing: what was the role of prehistoric communication?
  • Is there a difference between jail and prison? Do these differences entail better/worse treatment of prisoners?
  • What would you change in the current educational system? How different is it from ideal education?
  • The characteristics and teaching methods of a good teacher. Which is more important: teacher’s in-depth knowledge of the subject or his/her ability to explain the information to the class?
  • How do modern telescopes differ from the ancient ones?
  • Anti-colonialism movements in Hong Kong and New York: what were the differences and similarities?
  • Greenhouse effect leads to global warning: truth or fantasy?
  • Describe the political causes and impacts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing for the USA.
  • The social services in the Bahamas have been significantly improved. What led to the changes and what other steps are necessary to facilitate the progress.
  • Theodore Roosevelt as a military leader: a role model or person whose decisions were incorrect?
  • Discuss the ideal age to start drinking alcohol. 
  • Recently, the world has seen a plethora of technological inventions. Which of them are the most meaningful? Why do some technologies become widely popular while others never reach the general public?

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High School Research Paper Topics of the Moderate Complexity

  • What were the social precursors of the revolution in Russia and the assassination of Alexander II?
  • Was the revolution in America beneficial in terms of women’s rights?
  • Describe the chivalric code in Medieval Europe. Does chivalry exist nowadays?
  • How does air pollution impact human health?
  • How does climate shape the development of countries?
  • Discuss a workable policy that would improve the people’s with disability access to high-quality education.
  • Is sport violent? How can we reduce the level of aggression in sports?
  • Describe the role of media in perpetuating racial stereotypes and sexism. Can TV programs, movies, and advertisement help establish equality and tolerance among people?
  • Education of teenage boys in India has some peculiarities. What are they?
  • How did women at the beginning of 20th century influence Europe?
  • What steps does government have to take to improve American prison system?

Topics of a Higher Level of Complexity

  • Describe Plato’s philosophy of mathematics and evaluate its significance.
  • How to remain an effective leader in a volatile situation?
  • Design a policy that your school administration could implement to prevent drug addiction among students.
  • In what way do pre-election results highlighted in media affect the voters’ final decisions?
  • Is there a correlation between limited educational possibilities for women and their willingness to take care of children?

Different Categories of High School Research Paper Topics

If you are seeking great high school research paper topics, take a close look at the categories of subjects presented below. Perhaps you will find the one which you are interested in.

Engaging Research Topics for High School Students

Consider the following research topics for high school students and you will not face any problems with choosing the right theme.

  • The position of women in Europe in the 20th century.
  • The drawbacks of a prison system.
  • How does British mass media describe racism?
  • The impact of climate changes on environment.
  • How to stop violence in sport?
  • Giving the disabled an opportunity to get first-class education.

Interesting Research Topics for High School Students

Are you looking for interesting research topics for high school students? Take a look at the items highlighted below:

  • The importance of Plato’s philosophy of mathematics.
  • Should death penalty be banned?
  • GMO and its impact on environment.
  • Music as an effective means of treating mental diseases.
  • How to prevent drug addiction?

Wide-Ranging High School Research Topics

The number of high school research topics is huge. In order to know which one to choose, browse the list given below:

  • Why is it essential for people to across the globe to learn English?
  • Songs as a means of learning English
  • What is the most suitable age for learning a second language?
  • Is watching movies helpful in learning English?
  • The issue of safety in modern world
  • Central environmental problems
  • The most influential politicians in the world
  • Innovations in education
  • Animal rights
  • The place of religion in the modern world

Research Topics for High School Students

Research Topics for High School Students

It goes without saying that choosing a worthy subject among numerous research topics for high school students is quite challenging. In order to help you make the right choice, we offer you to take a look at the topics listed below:

  • Is it possible to dispel fear?
  • Should Music classes be obligatory?
  • Name the work of art that has changed your life
  • Are standardized tests helpful in assessing students’ knowledge?
  • Should children be somehow encouraged to get excellent grades?
  • Should holidays be longer for high school students?
  • Larger classes mean poorer students’ performance
  • Should students be punished for bad behavior in school?
  • Is there a connection between online games and violence in everyday life?
  • Should the refugee children be given the right to get education?
  • Mobile gadgets in education: the pros and cons
  • Should people hide their identities when using social networks?
  • Modern technologies: useful or harmful?
  • Is it necessary to study at college? Why? Why not?

Various Research Topics for High School Learners

Down below, there is a list of highly diverse research topics for high school. Surf the list and pick the one which you consider thrilling.

  • Fashion standards: destructive influence on women’s health
  • Are men and women equal in rights?
  • Why are sciences preferred more by men than women?
  • Effective means of preventing sexual abuse
  • Cheerleading – a kind of sport or entertainment?
  • The effect of physical exercises on people’s health
  • Local sports clubs as a means of preventing violence
  • Should educational institutions pay their sportsmen?
  • Adult offenders: do they deserve the heaviest punishment?
  • Death penalty from the ethical point of view
  • Leaders: what moral qualities should they have?
  • Mass shooting: how to solve the issue?
  • Drawbacks of the gun control policy
  • Do rich people have to pay higher taxes than the poor?
  • What authorities should do to gain people’s trust?
  • The matter of individual privacy in the present-day world
  • Is it right to give students an opportunity to choose their professors?
  • The most suitable age for voting
  • At what age should people start dating?
  • Can new generations teach something the older one?

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Topics for High School Research Paper Tasks

Many students face difficulties in picking topics for high school research paper assignments. However, with the subjects provided below, it will be easier for you to pick the theme which you will be able to create an outstanding research paper on.

  • Should high school students be allowed to use cell phones?
  • Should state residents be allowed to decide whether to attend college or not?
  • Using marijuana to treat illnesses: the pros and cons
  • Should such kind of punishment as death penalty exist?
  • Equal rights for illegal immigrants and citizens
  • Can airports be considered safe?
  • The pros and cons of free Wi-Fi in transport
  • Do teachers have to take qualification courses from time to time?
  • Animal experiments: should they be banned?
  • Should plus size people pay double ticker fare?
  • Should there be religious classes in high schools?
  • Should it be allowed to sell exotic pets?
  • Euthanasia: should it be legalized?
  • Is it necessary to ban some Internet content?

List of Chemistry Research Paper Topics for High School

  • Chemicals as the cause of different food allergies
  • Dental fillings: are they safe for people?
  • Negative impact of pesticides on people’s health
  • What causes hormone deficiency in people
  • Why are generic drugs cheap?

List of Biology Research Paper Topics for High School

  • What is DNA and what are its peculiarities?
  • Why do cancer cells appear?
  • Diversity of instruments used in biology laboratories
  • What kinds of cells does our body consist of?
  • How does blood supplies our body with nutritious elements?

Physics Research Paper Topics for High School

  • Stephen Hawking: his life and achievements
  • Kinetic energy and sport
  • Optics: principles it is based on
  • Galileo Galilee and his studies
  • Newton’s laws of motion

The Most Popular Math Research Paper Topics for High School

  • How has math changed the world?
  • Do people use math in everyday life?
  • Are math contests held in school useful?
  • Why is “X” considered unknown in all math equations?
  • The most bewildering math problems

Persuasive Research Paper Topics for High School Students

  • Should sexual education be an obligatory course in high schools?
  • Can textbooks be replaced by mobile gadgets in the future?
  • Should drug tests be obligatory for sportsmen?
  • Should it be allowed to advertise different kinds of business in high schools?
  • Is it possible to find true friends by using social networks?
  • Is it ethical to use stem cells taken from the aborted children for the research purposes?
  • Should the US government pay more attention to internal affairs?
  • Is it worth imposing more severe punishment for drunk drivers?
  • Doing an abortion after being raped: the ethical side of the issue
  • Is it a crime to drive without a seat belt?
  • Selling drinks and foods in schools as a means of increasing school budget

Below, there is a list of high school research paper topics which you will definitely find helpful, as it includes very interesting subjects that can be chosen for producing your writing projects. Hence, take a look at the listed themes:

  • The “Entertaining” Industry and its impact on people’s mental health
  • How to deal with AIDS?
  • Professional sport and people’s health
  • Is it right to advertise cigarettes and alcohol?
  • Free rides: do seniors need them?
  • Should government cut the budget of the schools that have shown poor SAT results?
  • Is it worth euthanizing aggressive pets?
  • When should children start working?
  • School uniform: advantages and disadvantages
  • Should fast food be sold in high schools?
  • Does higher education guarantee successful future?

Research Essay Topics for High School

Discussing Research Essay Topics that Demand Special Attention

The number of topics which students can write their academic papers on is huge and all of them are interesting. However, we would like to single out the ones which to our mind deserve scrupulous attention:

School bullying. Today, a large number of high school students suffer from bullying. That is why it is essential to highlight such a topic when writing academic papers. In this way, you will help readers understand the reasons for bullying and find the means that could prevent it.

Nervous tension, time management, and lack of self-confidence. If you decide to write a research paper about the mentioned items, you may start with giving helpful tips on managing one’s time efficiently. Then, you should explain why it important to follow the presented hints. You may end your writing project with your personal opinion about the discussed issue. It is worth emphasizing that a good sleep, healthy eating, walks on fresh air, and timely completed assignments are an effective means of preventing nervous breakdowns.

Conflicts with teachers. It can be said that the majority of students come into conflict with their professors. When writing a paper, you may share your own experience and give readers some advice on how to avoid conflicts. Remember to state that it is necessary to respect teachers, be attentive, polite and know your rights.

Students’ contribution to the community. If you decide to cover this topic, you should talk about the work in summer camps, volunteering, help older people, etc. Actually, there are many different activities which you can undertake and then describe in your piece of writing.

Studying foreign languages is important. Since we live in the era of modern technologies, we should realize the importance of learning foreign languages. When highlighting this topic in your paper, you are required to state what challenges one may face when learning a specific language and what the most effective learning methods are.

Why is it important to undertake leisure-time activities? The most effective means of reducing stress and fatigue after a hard school day is participating in different kinds of activities. For example, you may play sports, join different social clubs, etc. Describe your experience in your paper and tell readers how the chosen activity has influenced your life.

Students with special educational needs. Highlighting such a subject is of cardinal importance. However, it is necessary to be highly cautious and attentive since this topic is rather specific. In your academic work, you have to stress the importance of giving everyone an opportunity to get education. Additionally, you should state that students with special needs have to be respected.

High school sportsmen. If you are an athlete, you will find it great to write a paper on such a topic. Still, even if you have nothing to do with sport, you may explore such a topic as well. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about different kinds of sports. When producing your piece of writing, do not forget to mention the challenges which athletes face, and describe the features which they should possess to achieve success in sport.

Advantages and disadvantages of cooperating with private tutors. Have you ever addressed private tutors? Do you know anyone who uses the services of private tutors? Present your position on the issue and explain whether private tutors can help students improve their academic performance.

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