Disba S.A. is a leading Spanish supermarket chain that is successful due to its marketing strategies that presuppose acquisition, market penetration, and diversification. Moreover, Disba S.A. endeavours to prompt its employees to be more committed to their work duties. It is evident that marketing plays a crucial role in this business as it supports achieving the competitive advantage, fulfilling the strategic goals, and increasing profitability. However, Disba S.A. should develop a marketing plan and strategy to implement all principles of marketing in practice and occupy a leading place in the market. Thus, this paper intends to demonstrate how Disba S.A. utilizes marketing principles to remain profitable, sustainable, and effective company and cover new locations for its stores.

Marketing’s Role in Society and Business

Marketing plays an essential role in the society as it improves the quality of products and services and is a driving force for any business. Concerning Disba S.A., marketing is a vital part of its activity. First, it influences its efficiency and place in the market. Second, it determines the number of customers. For example, marketing is effective for Disba S.A. as they target their consumers using the segmentation. It implies that the company divides its clients according to gender, age, and their preferences. For the society, marketing is the basement for the improvement of the quality of products and achievement of the available prices. It is obvious that marketing establishes the rules for any business.

The Key Elements in Developing a Marketing Strategy and Plan

The marketing strategy and plan are the approaches to reach the successful business. Thus, they should be well-developed, strategic and correspond to the situation in the market. In the case of Disba S.A., it should improve many aspects and implement many alternations to receive the suitable marketing plan and strategy. First, the company should formulate its objectives in a defined and coherent manner. They should aim at achieving the competitive advantage (Hughes, 2010). Second, Disba S.A. should segment the target audience to provide the individual approach to every customer. Third, the conversion should become the leading element of its strategy as it boosts the maximisation of profits converting the target audience into paid customers and loyal followers. Fourth, marketing strategy should presuppose innovation and alter management process.

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The Marketing Environment

The marketing environment of Disba S.A. is favourable. It is determined by the internal and external factors. The external aspects include political, environmental, economic, sociocultural, and technological ones. The economic factors are driving forces as they benefit company’s profitability. Concerning political ones, they can be restraining as the government can impose the limitations and restrictions. The environmental aspects refer to the ecological image of Disba S.A. in the market. The sociocultural factors base upon the corporate responsibility of the company and its reputation in the market. As to technological ones, Disba S.A. implements them successfully as the modern business is impossible without innovation and changes. The customers of Disba S.A. are traditional housewives, working women, young people, and male shoppers. They influence profitability directly. The competitors of the company are Caprabo and Valvi. One should mention that competitors are the driving forces of the company as they encourage to advance productivity and performance.

The Marketing Mix


The products of Disba S.A. include the wide assortment of items (food, clothes, health and beauty aids, kitchenware, and household products). The company adapts them to the needs of housewives and male shoppers who are the frequent visitors there. Consequently, the positioning strategy in this case is the diversification.


Disba S.A. emphasizes its attention on the low prices. It signifies that the company provides the high quality at a reasonable price. It means that Disba S.A. takes into consideration customers’ preferences. Thus, the positioning strategy is to increase the number of customers.


Disba S.A. operates in Cartagena, Castellon, the Balearic Islands, and Albacete. It denotes that the company persists in increasing the number of locations. Thus, this is the means of opening new stores. It implies that Disba S.A. follows the acquisition strategy.


Disba utilizes the direct and indirect ways of promotion. The direct ways include billboards and advertisement on TV, radio and in Internet. The indirect ways presuppose public relations and sponsorship. All these promotional activities intend to increase the number of customers.

Marketing Plan for a Consumer Product

One should mention that the marketing plan for all products of Disba S. A. will be the unitary as the products have the similar appointment to satisfy customers’ needs. Thus, it is crucial to provide the marketing objectives and goals of the company. They should be realistic and objective. Second, it is obligatory to conduct market analysis that should conform to the following tools: SWOT-analysis, 5 Porter’s analysis, and PESTEL analysis (Scott, 2011). They promote understanding of company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010). Third, it is mandatory to analyze the internal and external factors that are influential for Disba S.A. as they affect the promotion and selling of products. Fourth, it is essential to understand the customers’ needs and preferences, and reveal the competitive advantage of other supermarkets. Thus, marketing plan should be improved constantly as the products and customers’ demands are permanently altering (Scott, 2011). Moreover, Disba S.A. should adapt it to the situation in the market.

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In conclusion, one should say that Disba S.A. follows the principles of marketing, and the number of its locations and customers, profitability, and extension prove this. Marketing is a driving force of this company as it proves it sustainable, competitive, and strategic. The key elements of developing marketing strategy and plan are marketing objectives, segmentation of target audience, analysis, and conversion. The design of the marketing plan should be based on the analysis of both internal and external environment, such tools as SWOT-analysis, PESTEL-analysis, and 5 Porter’s analysis. However, Disba S.A. should improve its marketing strategies as the global environment is dynamic and flexible, and it is impossible to remain in the global market without progress and improvement.

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