The prisoner’s dilemma affects both Alice and Bob in the sense that if they choose to cooperate and remain silent they are better-off since they are to spend only one year in a jail. However, when they choose to confess, it means that the officer will disregard their respective confessions and thus, will be subjected to six years in jail. In my opinion, I think that the two will have to cooperate by creating an established relationship in order to minimize the amount of time which they are to spend in jail.

In the sense that Alice and Bob are perceived to be a buyer and seller respectively, there is a likelihood that each of them will be forced to maximize benefits and thus, outshine one another making it the order of the day. Each of them will engage in discussions meant to perceive the other as slow and easily to be taken advantage of, which, in turn, translates to profits for whoever outwits the other.

I think that in the tragedies of the norm an individual is disadvantaged wholly especially because of the manner in which the outcomes surpass the expectations of a single individual. In this scenario decisions  are based on self interest and it is better that each of the participants maximizes the utilization of the activity lest they suffer losses at the expense of others. In that case, the activity is prone to depletion threats.

In a non-zero sum game, the total wins and losses posted within a game do not, in any way, add up-to zero. In this case, it is possible for participants to record great losses while in a zero-sum game the total number of losses and wins do add-up-to zero meaning that in the event that one of the participants suffers the loss, the other enjoys great wins. Defection is likely to develop in the event that self-interest takes the order of the day. In this case, it is recommended that participants select those decisions which focus on improving their respective interests since they are better-off as individuals rather than belong to a certain group. The aforesaid situation is referred as “black hawk” scenario.

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