Since the world has become a global village, particularly after the invention of information technology and the Internet, users of technology had encountered challenges of security and privacy. In the beginning, there were several incidents of privacy breaches, hacking, and fraud reported by users. However, with the passage of time, technology service providers such as USB flash drives manufacturers, smart printer manufacturers, cloud software service providers, cloud infrastructure services, and cloud platform service providers as well as others have put their dedicated efforts to combat breach of security, hacking privacy, and fraud.

In this regard, manufacturers and service providers have developed cryptography or access control mechanisms as a part of the operation. This treatise will examine security evaluation of the technology system.

Product Evaluation

The product selected for evaluation is infrastructure service Google Cloud Platform, which is the world’s largest cloud platform in use. The platform is one of the pioneers in providing cloud platform services and belongs to the world’s largest corporation that is not only providing technology solution, but, nowadays, it is deeply involved in unveiling new technologies and inventions (‘Google Security Whitepaper,’ n.d.).

Google Cloud Platform has expanded its services from individual to corporate clients. Therefore, it has developed state-of-the-art cryptography or access control mechanisms that are part of its operation.

Technology Summary

Google Cloud Platform is one of the best and secure cloud platforms in the world. Google Inc. has developed and implemented security model in order to keep its users and customers safe. Below is the technology components placed to secure Google Cloud Platform.

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Technology Components

The technology components that are placed for security consist of information security, data center physical security, server and software stack security, platform security features, secured service APIs and authenticated access, data encryption, secure global network, intrusion detection, security scanning, compliance and certifications, network firewall rule maintenance, penetrating tests, sensitive data management logging and monitoring PCI as well as HIPAA regulation compliance (‘Google Security Model,’ n.d.).

Detailed description of the technology used by Google Cloud Platform as mentioned in the technology components is provided below:

    • Information Security

A highly qualified professional security team of 500 experts is responsible for checking and developing flaw free security infrastructure, security defense system, reviewing security processes as well as implementing Google security policies.

    • Data Center Physical Security

Google Inc. ensures not only the technology enriched security system but also places a high-resolution 24/7 interior and exterior security surveillance through which the corporation monitors the human traffic to the data center. This security model includes cards for access, barriers to vehicle access, multiple alarms, metal detectors, and biometrics.

    • Server and Software Stack Security

Google Inc. has developed hardware and network custom servers and software that allow reacting to the threats and provide security against hacking, virus infection, and other cyber crimes.

    • Platform Security Features

Google Cloud Platform has designed its products and platforms by keeping in mind security constraints and developed the security system to prevent abuse of platform resources. Moreover, the product security features are the most important part that is necessary to mention in the product or service documentation. That is why Google Cloud Platform is considered to be the world’s best and most secure cloud platform.

    • Secured Service APIs and Authenticated Access

The services rendered to the users through Google Cloud Platform are managed via API gateway. “This API infrastructure is only accessible through SSL/TLS channels. This system requires time-limited authentication token generated via human login or private key based secrets” (‘Google Security Model,’ n.d.). All the services provided by Google Cloud Platform are regulated and managed through the same secured service APIs and authenticated access.

    • Data Encryption

Google Inc. has implemented the data encryption under the “256-bit advanced encryption standard, each key is itself encrypted with the regular rotate set of master keys” (‘Google Security Model,’ n.d.) This provides Google Cloud Platform and other Google Inc. products a foolproof security and privacy.

    • Secure Global Network

Google Inc. has made a secure global network since Google Cloud Platform is used across the world. “The Cloud Interconnect and managed VPN allow encrypting channels between a private IP environment on premises and Google network” (‘Google Security Model,’ n.d.)

    • Intrusion Detection

Google Inc. has deployed intrusion detection technology that automatically remedies certain dangerous situations. This helps Google to safeguard its users and client’s private records.

    • Security Scanning

The system deployed for security scanning helps in identifying the most common vulnerabilities, specifically cross-site scripting (XSS), and mixed content in their web applications.

    • Compliance and Certifications

“Google Cloud Platform has gained several compliance and certifications through independent audits of infrastructures, services and operations for data safety, privacy and security” (‘Independent Audits of Infrastructure, Services, and Operations,’ n.d.)

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Three Assets which May Be Placed at Risk

Google Cloud Platform has deployed state-of-the-art security system that does not allow any threat to risk your assets. Nevertheless, there is always an exception, so three assets that may be placed at risk would be malware or spyware virus attack, hacking and breach of privacy policy. However, Google Inc. is dealing with online security constraints well if there would become a loophole then Google is required to practice the security measure described above more strictly.

Three Possible Threats

Three possible threats, i.e. actions which can be performed by an adversary and which can compromise or damage an asset are also malware or spyware virus attack, hacking and breach of privacy policy. Indeed, Google Inc. is an organization that is considered most credible online service provider, so thinking of the above defined three possible threats is largely deemed as illogical. However, as previously stated, there is always an exception, therefore, security and privacy team has already developed such security measures that can easily correspond to the adversary or threat agent, and Google team is 24/7 busy to redefine and enhance the security capacity which already is a state of the art and one of the finest in the world.

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Three Potential Vulnerabilities or Weaknesses

In fact, Google Inc. has developed a finest and state-of-the-art security system that cannot be questioned or doubted. However, the three potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses that can affect users are virus attack, spyware/malware attack, and hacking. This is the area where Google Inc. needs to work more and make it more secure so that its users and clients cannot be tricked by some cheater.

Potential Safeguards or Controls

The potential safeguards and controls which Google Cloud Platform is already using to mitigate vulnerabilities are platform security features, secured service APIs and authenticated access, data encryption, secure global network, intrusion detection, security scanning as described in detail in the first section of treatise.

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Risk Evaluation

The implemented security tools and advancement in the security measures clearly depict that the threats and vulnerability to the assets are very low.

Security Requirement

If we calculate the risk and set the level from one to seven, the security requirements for Google Cloud Platform must be seven, the highest.

Risk Factor

Looking at the potential safeguards or controls which the system has already been using to mitigate the threats and vulnerabilities, the risk factor must be 0 to 0.5 (Yazar 2002).

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The paper has evaluated the security measures taken, and all the security tactics and tools deployed by Google Inc. to safeguard all its products including Google Cloud Platform. Hence, at the end of treatise, we have a detailed understanding of the finest and state-of-the-art security system that is considered to be the world’s best security system. In addition, the paper has discussed essential technologies and tactics to develop and implement foolproof security system.

As a matter of fact, a reliable and concrete security system is the only way to make sure that the technology the company is providing to users/clients is fully protected, and there are no threats, vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses just like Google Cloud Platform and its other products.

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