Visual Art Critique


The Museum of Modern Art was my utmost point of destination over the holidays. I had gone to the place for the purpose of reinforcing the theoretical work I had done in class. Moreover, my friends had told me about beautiful artistic works that characterized the place. Getting into the museum was like a dream come true for me. From the entrance, the place looked so meticulous yet serene. Everything seemed to be systematic. Additionally, there were big label captions that would easily direct the visitors.


On the course of my observation, one particular painting impressed me the most. It was entitled the Starry Night. I can say surely that this painting is the most elusive I have ever encountered. The painting was created by Vincent van Gogh in 1889 (Boime, 1984). The painting is an illustration of a serene landscape full of movement, energy and light. There is an overwhelming night sky that has been composed using wavy line motions. Different shapes have been used to bring up various objects. For example, the stars that seem like fireball are well demonstrated and clear; the painted depicted houses in the far end. Color scheme is one of the art elements that give the character to the painting. The yellow color of the stars contrasts the blue color of the sky. The value of the picture is demonstrated by the varied effect of light. The picture has evident balance of artistic elements (Hulsker, 1980). I chose the painting Starry Night for the assessment because of the emotional intensity I felt upon my first observation. I could identify easily with this picture, as it reminded me of my night out in the countryside.

In my opinion, van Gogh used this image to express some of his wildest passions. In fact, I presume that he was hardly able to contain his emotions as he worked on this painting. The moon and the stars appear huge and the views have the impression that they might fall on them. The painter seems as though he was going through emotional anguish and turmoil when he was painting. The disproportion of items such as the cypress tree, the sky and the wavy motions demonstrates the possible emotional challenges of the author. The artistic form betrays any serenity that he would have wanted to communicate.

I believe that this painting is worth its inclusion in the museum of modern art. This is because it possesses a universal theme to the world. There are instances of turmoil that occur in one’s life despite the serenity around. It has got deep insights and perfections. I am sure everyone may get a different insight from it.

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Performing Art Critique


Over the holidays, I also managed to attend music concert in my community for about two days. The concert was aimed at generating funds for the cleanup projects. I loved the place from the first moment onset. The organizers had brought in a variety of musicians that entertained visitors and potential donors during the fundraiser. However, there is one particular performing artist that impressed me with his talent. The artist performed the song “If I were a Rich Man”. The performance was impressing to the point of breathtaking. I asked about the singer and discovered that the artist is known as Tevye. The song comprises of four verses with choruses sung intermittently. The performance constitutes Tevye’s dreams of glory, despite the fact that he is a milkman (Sholem, 1949). The use of vocals varies with the message that Tevye tries to communicate. For instance, his lamenting about wealth is amplified by sharp vocals. When the singer confesses his utmost devotion to God, the vocals soften. There is also evident use of repetition that creates emphasis.


I chose the song because it was very moving, emotional and also well-orchestrated. I am a confident person and I can control my emotions; however, when watching this performance I could not help but sympathize the singer. In fact, the song drew me back to God as the ultimate source of my wealth. There is a display of emotions, and the final goal is to be rich through faith. Moreover, I loved the balance of the vocals. The performance impressed with the utmost harmony of the voices. Nothing seemed to be out of proportion. The vocal variation worked together to bring different notions of the song’s theme.

According to my observation, Tevye performed this song in efforts to bring comfort to him. Everyone in the world desires to be rich, including those who live in dire poverty. His position as milkman does not kill the desire but rather allows visualizing the life with the material wealth he wishes. However, I think the singer questioned the possibility of ever attaining the wealth. This accounts for why he turns to God to express his sorrowful emotions. In fact, I believe his words and identify with him in that verse. In fact, I usually turn to God when I need something beyond my reach.

I believe that this song is worth the inclusion in the public setting. Most people work hard to become rich. The song contains a thematic message that is very universal, and the poor easily identifies with it. The song opens for them an opportunity to reflect and dream of a great glory despite their low income. They turn to God as the ultimate source of wealth, just like Tevye did (NPR, 2014)

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In conclusion, I enjoyed observing the painting by van Gogh and listening to the performing artist Tevye. Both artworks are impressive and fulfilling. They allowed me to reflect on my life and goals as an upcoming artist. However, I noticed the crowd that gathers at the museum, and I did not like it. The visitors speak their views out loud, and thus can influence one’s perception on a work of art. In addition, the crowd during the concert was biased. In fact, they did not celebrate Tevye. Despite the minor issues, I loved the whole task, and I look forward to another one.

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