There are different reasons to go on study tour for six weeks to Dubai. To commence with, I will be given an opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates and experience the beauty of  that territory. Besides,, I will meet a lot of international students and join the Hult Dubai campus network. I would be happy to stay in Dubai for the 42 nights and days in a world class prestigious town. I also look forward to learning elementary Arabic and get basic notions about  how to do business in the Middle East.

How do you think you can contribute to the Study Tour?

There are many ways to contribute to the study tour. First, I will participate in global identification of the critical issues of the business. Therefore, we will inquire the solutions that were provided in Dubai. Moreover the observations and challenges made during the weeks will be very helpful in writing the final report about the study tour.

What do you expect to get from this experience?

I am excited about the tour and my expectations are high. I look forward to meeting the most successful business leaders of the United Arab Emirates. The keynote discussions of the business leaders and a tour to their industries will help to clarify issues about business management. Such an experience will be crucial for my future as. I anticipate becoming a global solution provider in the world in the sector of data transfer and communication.. I hope to undergo cross cultural communication which will result into making a lot of new friends. Furthermore, it will be adventurous to socialize at the sunny beaches of the town. However, the most important is gaining the certificate and six credits for completing the two courses.

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