Valentine Ave. in the Bronx, Notorious for Heroin, Resembles Washington Heights in the 1980s

In one of his interviews, KRS One mentioned that hip hop has been lost, as everyone was afraid to except the intercultural America and has decided to look into rap. Thus, rap and hip hop are two different things, while the first mentioned is about promotion, marketing, and image, and the second mention is a style of life and thinking that is in a form of street politics. I personally agree with KRS One as hip hop is a much broader concept than rap. Hip hop is the culture and the style of living, which is ‘trying’ to get its expression through different forms such as rap and graffiti. Rap is not that profound, as it has no clear direction and frame that ‘help it to grow’ it into something bigger.

I was amazed at how Bronx looked in 1970’s and 1980’s. I was very surprised, as the video has showed the strong connection of the community, and what impressed me most was the fact that people lived just ordinary lives, had trouble with dirty areas, small floods, and had no perfect facilities but were very happy and nothing seemed to make them upset. Thus, hip hop, or a special culture of thinking was already there, which has found expression in train graffiti and ‘objection’ to set rules. Nevertheless, I was negatively impressed by the second part of the video, as it was a lot place and ‘en of New York’ at the same time. The place looked mainly like a big ‘massive detraction’ and I believe it was very challenging to live in that place those days. Thus, the area has much improved in the 2000s and the ‘challenge for new opportunities’ was taken (O'shaughnessy, 2010).

The Dark Knight Rise. Dir. Christopher Nolan

The movie industry has portrayed that there is a strong connection between music and people’s perception, as sound might alter it drastically into positive or negative way, and properly used music accompanies can turn movies into masterpieces and this shall be discussed further.

The example to that can be my favorite movie, which is The Dark Knight Rise (2012). It is definitely worth watching as it not only has a fascinating plot, special effects, and excellent cast, but serves as a reminder to humanity that despite the fact that there is much evil in the world, heroes still exist and want to help people in every possible way. Music composed by Hans Zimmer was ‘powerful’ and the most complicated thing was the chant, as the composer wanted it to have millions of voices, and he twitted it, so ordinary people have become a part of it.

Music is there to become a brilliant tool in the hand of a skillful artist and Richard Wagner is proof of that. He is one of the world most-famous theater conductors, composers, and directors who wrote both the music and libretto to his works unlike the other composers. Wagner’s music has been used in many films and it was both rich and complex, as he introduced the concept of the use of leitmotifs and turned to music expression in an integrated way (Cooke, 2015).

The strong connection between music and films can be seen through epic style of movies, such as Titanic and the famous soundtrack of Celine Dion, which made one another famous and irreplaceable. However, there are no “epic” television series.

In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that music plays a crucial role in any movie and another example to that might be the “Where Is My Mind?” – Fight Club and Interstellar. Sometimes people hear masterpieces and connect it with movies while without those the films would be empty and missing something important.

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