This is the current business proposal that contains strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, which have to help in developing a more complete image about the new car rental company. The intention of this proposal is to provide a suggestion on how the new car rental company may augment revenue and obtain crucial production levels.


The new company will be a customer-friendly business. This pattern is what makes it exceptional. First, it will leverage ease of access, making the automobiles obtainable closer to where clients live or work and need access to the comfortable automobile - addressing one of the largest pain points of the car renting. Additionally, the organization will allow the members to utilize a car as and when needed, providing genuine flexibility. Thus, the company will have a significant and rapid growth due to the increased usage and the rise in membership. Also, America's love for vehicles actually does not require any explanation.


If the new company makes a decision to enter a novel market, it has to make the upfront investment in automobiles. Also, the future firm’s plans to increase its presence into large cities, for instance, Paris and London will lead to serious expenses - something that will ponder on the productivity in the short-run.


Company’s penetration will be not too high, which interprets into a large market expecting to be tapped. Aside from the increasing in the domestic market, the company will also work in newer European markets, for instance, in Spain. Considering the economic troubles in the European markets, possible clients might like the idea of automobile sharing quite rapidly. At home, increasing fuel expenses and an unhurried recovery will carry on being beneficial as individuals shift to car sharing instead of purchasing the novel vehicles to save on precious money.


All other car rental organizations, for instance, Hertz and Avis, which already have a strong footing in a car rental industry, comprise a hazard for the new business. Such organization’s entry into the car-sharing industry could possibly take a large piece out of new company’s top line. Whilst increasing fuel expenses will push individuals toward the new car rental organization, on the other side, this may also pinch company’s floundering margins.

So, after estimating the pros and cons, I believe car rental attractive business model and quick rising income, assisted by a steady-moving economy, are likely to accomplish the long-lasting success, compensating the challenges, for instance, the forced margins and quite high investment expenses. 

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