It is assumedly clear that the Company is well-established in selling vitamin products. This is witnessed by the fact that it has been able to access and understand health needs of both New Zealand and Australian markets. Also, it is safe to indicate that the Company is well placed financially and, thus, it is capable to conduct the activity without fear of financial stability.

Further, it is safe to postulate that the Company possesses relevant expertise which can be used to establish and develop H4Y Company in Cambodia.   The fact that the Company has over years maintained a strong, clean green image is plus, since green and red colors are considered lucky within the culture of its people.

Politics of a country is considered crucial in determining the level of success for any business hoping to join a new market. Cambodia’s politics is taking a strong grip, especially because of the experience it had earlier on in the course of war. The government has been able to formulate strategies which are aimed at assisting its citizens in understanding the need for peace and tranquility. In that case, it is considered safe to carry out investments.

The government has also entered into several organizations, such as ASEAN and, recently, WTO which promotes cohesion, as well as corporation of its member states in terms of trade (ASEAN Secretariat, 1999). Such trade agreements provide clear platform upon which business opportunities are established and developed. By entering the Cambodian market, H4Y is likely to expand regionally, so that its vitamins-related products are availed to a wider customer base. Also, it should be noted that the government does provide substantial incentives, as well as lessening restrictions which were initially put on imports by foreign companies.

Taxes for foreign based companies have been subsidized dramatically by the government to encourage foreign investors. This is also because of the shortage of healthcare facilities in Cambodia. The country does not suffer from terrorism threats which provide a favorable environment for conducting business growth and development.

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