Cambodia is a country which is operating under an emerging economy which means that substantial levels of efforts are encouraged to access the financial investments.In terms of cost of capital, the country is considered efficient, since it takes fewer investments to provide substantial profits. The cost of living is also promising, meaning that individual households are capable of purchasing health products.

It is worth noting that the government does regulate interest rates offered by financial institutions: this is advantageous to H4Y, in case it aspires for expansion activities. Since in this way, financial support is made easier and cheaper to obtain. It is also worth noting that the annual financial aid which the country receives from the U.S is injected to developing the economy, meaning that it is capable of supporting several development-based activities within its boundaries. Inflation rates within the country are subsequently low, as compared to other Asian countries. This means that Cambodian currency has value and it will be safe to put investments into the country.

The labor market in Cambodia is effective and efficient. In the course of war, most of the citizens travelled abroad where they were educated and returned with skills and abilities when it was over. These populations possess the skills required to operate a firm. The labor market is also organized within the trade unions whereby standard rates for wages are negotiated. In that case, H4Y is placed at an upper hand over the matter, since it is protected from unnecessary wages exploitations (Hing, 1999).

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