Lexus is a company that does not have a history as great as Ferrari or Ford do. However, it can be proud of its recent history, but mostly of its nowadays. The company started working toward developing  its modern philosophy back in the 1980’s, when it commenced a commercial line of luxurious sedans that could compete with some other well-known brands around the world. Part of the company’s philosophy is bringing together the most incompatible ideas and implementing them in a single car, producing a luxurious vehicle, worth the attention of the top customers and the most interested competitors.

The range of the brand’s consumers is huge. It is getting more popular every year, as it has a number of advantages over its competitors like Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW etc. The brand offers cars of great quality, with the equal level of luxury for the lower price. Sure, its brand name is not as firm as it is of Mercedes, but saving 50% of the cost and spending them on one’s own needs might become an argument. Many men purchase Lexus sedans to get a great car for doing business, as its outstanding design allows to create or amend to the already existing image of a successful businessman. Lexus designers do not leave a single detail behind, trying to get every part of it to be perfect. Lexus also attracts women with its high comfort, perfect drive and simplicity of all the controls, as the computer is put in to do the thinking for the driver. All the driver has to do is to pick the destination point, and assist Lexus in getting their by steering the wheel.

Lexus cars cannot be called just machines, as their look tells us they have got souls. Every owner of Lexus, despite whether it is a sedan, SUV, or a crossover, looks for and finds a tight relation to the car he or she owns, feeling the personality of every individual car. Lexus offers its owner a unique design of both exterior and interior, with the last one being filled with luxurious leather and other high-quality materials. If I had to choose between Lexus and its competitors, I would definitely choose Lexus. It’s uncompromised quality equals to that of the German legendary Mercedes, but allows saving a lot on the price. Same goes for the extreme easiness of driving, where Lexus is on the same level with its Japanese competitors. The main detail that would make me pick it would be its breath-taking design, and the wish to be an owner of such a masterpiece.

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