Simple and well-organized design of our loyalty program can play a significant role in functioning of all these critical areas:

Fending Off Our Competition:

Rewarding our customers with points, discounted products or services, or free merchandise might become the step our business needs to make for keeping our customers from switching our business to our competitors, and giving rewards for them would not be enough. Integrating of a recognition component into our program that offers customers preferred service levels and creates the next level of loyalty that every program operator desires is what we should try to provide.

Acquiring New Customers

Every business is continually challenged with the constantly increasing costs and decreasing effectiveness of new customer acquisition campaigns. Our loyalty program would help us in recognizing a new customer and applying the right strategies that would make them become returning customers. At the same time, staff gets an opportunity for identification of the existing customers and acknowledgement of their importance to our business in a using personal approach.

Keeping Our Existing Customers

Customers that keep coming back and giving us profits are our dream. They are not only important for the financial success of our business, but they are the best advertisers for us! They reach prospects that are mostly like us and that are most likely in need of our service products.

The obvious strategy for us here is building a strong relationship through our loyalty program to protect them from the competitors’ advances. This includes recognizing them for their contribution and importance to us, and our future success and rewarding them respectively for doing business with us.

Improving Our Bottom Line

No matter how many new customers we acquire from the competition and how large and fast growing the group of returning customers is, if they do not impact the bottom line positively and consistently, we may gradually lose them. So our loyalty program provides businesses with:

  1. More information about our customers, including name, address, email address, and/or phone number(s), age, sex, their habits, food preferences, etc.;
  2. Understanding of their financial contribution to our business;
  3. An overview of their consumer behaviors/patterns;
  4. A record of their responses to our marketing efforts.

This full collection of date can be developed over time inside our program, so that we could draw upon it to gain that business edge.

The loyalty marketing is a two-way street, we offer our clients some benefits in exchange for customers being willing to identify themselves to us.


We will establish a free membership program. That means everyone can become our member after his or her first visit. They can sign up, fill out our application forms, and they will be rewarded with about $10 worth of service product during the next visit. Maintainig such course we can get customers’ detailed information%uFF1Aname, age, sex, mailing and email address, phone number etc.

We will differentiate our loyalty program into different levels or grades, which would be Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Diamond plus and Pinnacle club. Every $10 our customers will spend, including their first visit, would be transferred into one point. Upon reaching certain amount of points their membership would be upgraded to a higher level of our loyalty service.

This way every customer will start their loyalty program with Gold members after the first visit and application. A total of 30 points would be needed to get upgraded to Platinum level, which would mean they spent $300 or more in our business.

Exclusive in-store care Booking Bonus is the coupon we mail to our loyal customers; Gold members will receive 5% discount with any kind of care services we provide in store with reservation, using it. Platinum members will receive 10% discount, Emerald members get 15%, Diamond members get 20%, Diamond plus will receive monthly coupon with 25% discount, and Pinnacle club will get the most valuable discount of 30% off.

Ultimate Value Booklet with great in-store offers is the same program as a care-booking bonus, every member will receive a merchandise coupon ranging from 5% to 30% off.

Exclusive invitation to customers loyal Party is our special loyalty program which would be taking place every four months; we will send out emails and mails to invite our members to come back to our store and enjoy our loyalty party. This is an activity created to provide an opportunity for our members to meet each other and it is a great chance to make new friends.

Discount kids care for business day is the service that we provide to take care of the kids during the day while there is nobody at home, and kids need to be left at home alone. We accept kids to stay and play with us; we can provide food, beverages, etc. This service coupon would be only provided to the members with Emerald level and higher, ranging 10-25% off.

Milestone recognition is a program we started to recognize our new Diamond members. We would offer them a one-time special gift package, with a total worth about $30 to $50.

Besides all the things we have designed for our loyal customers, we would also do special events for holidays or upgrade gift emails. Every holiday, we will send out emails and mails to the royal customers to celebrate it, with special coupon, store update information, and promotion.

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