Marketing forms a critical pillar in the business world. The main goal in the business field is making a profit. This profit can only be realized in cases where the producer is strategic enough to minimize the expenses and maximize the earnings. To achieve this, the market and marketing strategies have to accessed, analyzed, and evaluated with the aim of marking the best shot.

In the contemporary business arena, the competition is growing stiff every day with the products flowing steadily leaving the customers with a wide variety for choice making. According to McKenna (1991), choices are transforming the marketplace. These choices are more dictated by the customers rather than the producers. McKenna argues that due to technological advancements, the companies are changing the mode of production from products oriented to consumer preferences approach (McKenna, 1991).

Programmability as used by McKenna has taken shaped the market place and producers are diversifying their production channels to meet ample customer preferences (McKenna, 1991). This has enabled the producer to maintain their customers as they source to secure additional loyal customers. In so doing, market place is trending along the rails of technology, especially those of computer programs. However, contrary to computers where the result has no power in dictating the command, marketing programmability allows customers to design the product of their taste and preference.

The increased number of customers and expanded market scale has resulted in diversification of products to serve the different taste of the customers. This is what McKenna likens to tides. McKenna (1991) categorically makes reference to detergent produced by Procter & Gamble. In comparison, the concept of tides can also be applied the soft drinks production industry. However, when it comes to phones and computers, it is different since the main issue is not variety, but improvement in functionality of the product.

The marketing field has adopted a scenario where customers go for the best product no like in the early days where variety was drop of water in a desert. Companies have no option other than producing quality products through involvement of new ideas with the aim of generating quality and loyal relationships with their customers. They have to position their products consummately to win the trust of the customers. In conclusion, marketing has taken a new approach due to the changing dynamics of the contemporary business arena.

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