Cambodian population is made up of 13.4 million people earning a per capita income of about $ 760 ADB (Asian Development Bank, 2001).  The population is made up of more women than men while children cover, at least, 45 % of the population. Children of ages one to four covers 22 % of the children population. It is assumedly clear that the country is in its reproduction stages, since it did experience civil war which cut-down on the number of men dramatically. Since H4Y is concerned with production and selling of vitamins-related products to children, it is considered viable to operate under this market, taking into account that the population is sensitive to the health matters (Radhakrishna, 2011).

Further, it is worth noting that investing in the country will bring about loyal customers, since the population is growing, while demand for the product is created, hence a large loyal customer base.

In terms of technological advancements, the government of Cambodia has partnered with developed nations, which have advanced in the sector, in order to assist the country in bringing about the competitive advantage in its sector. In this manner, there are open chances for the government to partner with H4Y to establish the effective technological advancements in the health sector. The opportunity is considered viable, since the Company possesses relevant expertise in the sector and can provide relevant and reliable training to the local workforce which they can further emulate for the public health purposes.

Major investments have been made in terms of road network infrastructure, so that the capital city is well-interconnected with neighboring cities within the region. Cambodia is connected to its neighbors, mostly, by roads. Internet connection service is improving, since the government has taken the initiative of providing incentives and tax holidays to companies interested in provision of the service.

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