Logistics is a science of carrying out movement, maintenance and planning of military force. Logistics encompasses a lot of areas, such as design, disposition of material storage, acquisition, distribution, and evacuation. The Logistics Research & Development Program studies various new technologies that display augmented supply chain business capabilities, applications, processes, and practices, and necessitates their transition to completion. They have consequently partnered with the DoD logistical community, the NAVSUP Command Science Advisor to supply technology-based logistics advice, insight, and harmonization across the NAVSUP and Navy Enterprise.

A supply chain is referred to as a process of bringing a product in its raw material state to a place where it can be obtained for sale. Consequently, in the Department of the US Navy Logistics Supply, the supply chain manager is in charge of the supply chain process that involves planning, development, logistics and distribution, and manufacturing. This is fundamental as the US Navy chain supply is to be constant in order to achieve order. Additionally, commodity strategies engage consolidating all of an organization’s necessities for a service or speci%uFB01c supply into one or a few standardized con%uFB01guration necessities.

The most imperative process is the spend analysis involving integrating the organization’s sourcing plan with its competitive strategy. It is this significant step that forces an organization to examine all the services and goods that are purchased and are forecasted to be purchased in the future by the organization. It also helps make such processes as procurement, development, logistics and distribution more cost effective. It is necessary to constantly evaluate the chain in order to create better and cheaper materials, techniques, and quicker processes.

Programs and schemes are managed by the NAVSUP Command Science Advisor. Additionally they have partnered with the Navy Support Infrastructure, the Navy Acquisition Community, the Naval Research Enterprise (NRE), the Department of Defense Services and Agencies and Academia to successfully demonstrate and execute technologies that support improved supply chain business processes, capabilities, applications and practices, facilitate their transition to implementation and offer their conversion to implementation. In addition, the research is fundamental, as it helps in examining various emerging technologies. Port visit service arrangements require extensive research, negotiations and forceful tactics. The research is fundamental, as it helps improve service arrangements

Some of the responsibilities of the supply department include:

1)General mess operating, which includes cooking and serving food

2)Operating the ship’s store, which offers articles of personal use for the ship’s crew

3)Organizing clothing and small stores issue articles

4)Managing the crew payroll records (completed by the disbursing office).

5)Receiving and ordering general stores, spare parts, supplies and ship equipment.

As a matter of fact, just about everything that comes on board the ship, other than people, is ordered and organized by the supply department

In addition, research gaps are identified and action strategies for correction are created and checked. Moreover, overlaps are reduced to only those that are required for planned redundancy. This method is applied to all of the supply chains for which it is accountable, and it also serves as a mechanism of communicating and identifying the appropriate supply chain objectives.

Need arises for more research to be undertaken on submarine supply chain, as the supply chains at times serve the submarines with limited or insufficient surface contact: in the case where they are in combat zone, others could supply to domestic facilities. Each of this has dissimilar set of urgencies and circumstances. Appropriate research is thus fundamental in establishing the best possible way to improve this without jeopardizing a mission.             

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