“American Style” is the title of the advertisement I have chosen to talk about. This advertisement displays the scene of New York, US. This advertisement shows the top part of the Statue of Liberty that holds a hamburger instead of the torch in its right hand. The Empire State Building and some smaller towers can be seen in the poster background. The Statue of Liberty is usually entitled to represent Democracy and Freedom, its traditional symbols. However, in the particular advertisement, the Statue of Liberty represents the American lifestyle or the American way of living. According to this advertisement, the American way of living is about eating junk or fast food. The burger on the poster does not reflect any specific fast food chain but serves as a symbol of the nation, which is easily recognizable at all times. This advertisement allows strangers or any people who are not familiar with the American daily routine or the American way of living understand that fast food is considered as an inseparable part of the American culture. Fast food is also one of the most popular symbols of this country, and that is one of the core reasons why it was chosen to be depicted in this particular advertisement.

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