Domestic violence creates many adverse effects on women and growing children. Involvement in domestic violence creates unfavorable living conditions that affect the quality of life. It hinders positive interactions through conflicts and fights. Abused people suffer various long-term physical, mental and psychological effects. Some of the physical consequences include injuries and permanent body marks. Muggings, auto accidents and rapes are major causes of injuries among women, children and elderly people who are involved in physical violence.

In addition, domestic violence creates various psychological and emotional problems, which may be much more expensive and harder to treat compared to the physical ones. Also, most of the physical injuries tend to generate various medical issues for women particularly during the old age. Some of the ailments that are likely to be found in women who suffered extreme violence earlier in life include hypertension, arthritis and heart attacks.

Domestic violence can affect child development and contribute to the realization of undesirable personal characteristics. For instance, girls who are brought up in a violent environment are likely to gain more ability to withstand torture during their adult life. However, effective interventions such as various programs and laws can facilitate the elimination of the undesirable effects. Domestic violence against the mother affects the children in various ways. Children sympathize with their mother and feel guilty for not being able to offer protection. They feel abused and neglected, while the mother is suffering as she is struggling with the trauma.

Healthcare professionals must observe all the possible signs of domestic violence among patients. They should create favourable environment to detect possible signs of domestic violence. They should also facilitate open communication with patients to acquire as much information as possible. Motivating patients to reveal their history and challenging issues can help identify people suffering from domestic violence.

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