Nowadays, when mankind has achieved scientific and technological progress, some issues remain unsolved. People have many challenges, but racism is something, that is not a problem anymore. The USA managed to create the country, where the representatives of all the races may find a comfort place for living.

First of all, it is worth analyzing the educational system of the USA. The population of America is mixed, so the schools teach children from different corners of the globe. The groups are made of many students with different skin color, but it is not the reason of unequal attitude towards children of other race. It is obvious that the students appreciate their mates not for skin color, but for personal characteristics. It is average situation when blonde student and African American student are laughing and having fun together. Teachers treat the students with dignity and respect despite the race of the students.

It is difficult to find a person, who would complain because of discrimination at workplace, based on racism. The relationship between the employers is regulated by the laws, which exclude any discrimination, especially racism. The stuffs are made of people with different skin color, but they work together and achieve success together as well. Big companies with millions of employers bother about the quality of their production rather than the race of the workers.

The absence of racism in the USA may be proved by the laws. Every person has rights, freedoms and duties, which can not be taken due to the belonging to a certain race. Everybody is equal and deserving respect, discrimination is forbidden in Constitutional level. The freedom and comfort of Americans is protected by laws and police, which reacts on any type of discrimination, including racism.

Thus, racism is not a problem in the USA. The laws and smiles of people with different skin color are the most sufficient evidence. The representatives of very race are treated with respect and are protected from any forms of discrimination.

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