LG Electronics Limited, Hampshire

398, Silver Street

New York



Ms Jin Jay

345, Silver Street

New York

Dear Ms Jin

RE: Fridge Repair

LG Company is glad to have you as one of our esteemed customers. We treasure you and would always endeavor to serve you better. Our electronic equipment has received a global applause for its operations and its durability. However, there are various cases when a customer needs to repair equipment, and we do it to our best, as it is part of our customer service. According to the provisions of the company’s act on replacing broken down equipment, it is with deep regrets that your request to replace your equipment is refused. The company’s policy authorizes its employees to replace equipment for the customer before one year from the time of purchase of the item elapses. Any such act carried out by the company equates to violation of the company’s regulation act and an individual involved faces the full force of the law (Sparks, 1999).

The company allows you to bring your fridge to our company maintenance unit, where all the faults of the equipment will be repaired at a customer friendly rate. To be served in this section, it is necessary to carry all the documents that show that the item was purchased from our store. This is because the company would like to serve its customers better and avoid any form of mischief from the other members of the public who might want to take advantage of this offer that is only for our customers (Coore, 2003).

In the meantime, the company will not be liable for any damage on your equipment and would ask you to withdraw the case against the company. You are free to seek further clarifications on our company’s policies through logging in to the company’s website, talking to the customer care service at the reception or obtaining our brochures from the desks. 

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