Current location of the Science Museum in South Kensington provides limited opportunities to its visitors and the museum as well. It can be reached by almost any type of either public or private transport, however getting there by car is a complicated task. Nowadays more and more people get their own cars, and use them to get around, and reaching the Science museum is a challenge, as it offers no parking spots for its visitors, and it is really hard to find a place to park anywhere close to it. Besides, museum needs more space to host all the exhibitions and museum pieces, and the peculiarities of architectural design of the borough do not allow expanding it. Thus moving the museum to another location is an option to be considered.

South Kensington allows museum visitors to easily access it from the other parts of London by taking underground. However, in order to make it more attractive to the tourists and the people from outside London moving it to a new location on the outskirts might be a good decision. The main factors to be considered while making the move are well developed transport infrastructure, especially roads for cars, possibility of the parking lot creation right by the museum and the extra space that can be used later to expand the museum even more. Since London is constantly growing, its infrastructure should keep up with the growth of population, but it stays a bit behind. Thus a good place for moving the Science Museum should be found anywhere close to the main roads, but quite away from the new construction sites.

Currently there is no place around London that could have met all the requirements for the new museum location, mentioned above. However, upon conducting the thorough research, a few top locations should be compared as for the best compliance with the project. New location for the Science Museum should be chosen carefully, considering such important factors as easy accessibility for the car drivers, good overall infrastructure, availability of the other means of transport as an alternative and a reserve of space near the museum to ensure the possibility of its expansion in the future. Parking lots is another important factor that should not be ignored.

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