I am in agreement with your argument that call center operators handling international calls need to communicate in an ascent similar to the caller’s. Many elements of modern businesses are multi-dialectic or multi-lingual in nature. Phone operators at call centers thus need to have sufficient familiarity with different ascents for major international languages so as to facilitate better communication with customers who call in.  

I agree that “Average is Over”. Being average can no longer earn us the pleasures it used to offer in the not-so-distant past. Every one of us needs to up his/her game and demonstrate unique attributes that makes them stand out.

LinkedIn is indeed the designated professional networking site. True to your assertion, the secret to a successful online job-search is creating desirable online persona e.g. posting only appropriate or relevant information or pictures.

Our way of communication is influenced by our different customs, culture, and places of origin. We use different voice projections, maintain varying personal space and interpret body languages differently, thus it’s unrealistic to expect universal soft skills.

It’s true that soft skills do not apply to all communication scenarios at the workplace. Informal communication serves to satisfy social and emotional needs of workmates and spreading information quickly throughout the organization.

Indeed working in a group requires good time keeping, honoring deadlines and practicing good communication habits such as avoiding much grapevine. 

True the three candidates were not camera-shy in their resume videos and the quality of the videos themselves was good. Video 1 had rapid scenes, poor editing and the candidate was unconvincing while candidate in Video 3 was unsettled and unprofessional. Video 2 was the best and the candidate was more knowledgeable.

I agree that making a resume video requires much skill. It has to have the right content, sound, lighting, grooming, background and clarity among others.

You are right in asserting that good group members should have such qualities as excellent communication skills, diligence, helpfulness, and offering input on ideas. All these can be demonstrated professionally through a well-made resume video. 

I am opposed to your argument that supports Friedman’s ideas of “sorting out” and its presumed negative consequences. Globalization or “flattening of the world” has reduced the hurdles and frictions that curtailed free flow of ideas, information, trade goods, and money. Life changes and we must change along with it because change is a constant in life. 

Your opinion of free trade not being fair trade is correct. Rich countries enjoy cost savings of free trade at the expense of environmental degradation, lower wages, and child labor among other ills. Also, many developed countries are very creative or innovative with ways of exploiting the poor countries through “free trade policies” at the marketplace. Fair trade would bring the balance in global trade for the benefit of all.

Your opinion on Meredith’s “Geopolitics Mixed with Oil and Water” is captivating. United States, India and China are in an “Energy race” for their demanding industries at the expense of many people’s lives. These selfish actions have contributed significantly to environmental degradation, economic hardships, and war in the world.

The U.S., India and China can instead spend their effort and money on awareness on global warming, and reducing dependency on fuels like coal and petroleum. Multinationals can help by creating more job opportunities and public awareness on renewable energy.

I both agree with your opinion on Ted Nancy’s “Argentino” letters.  You are right in stating that the response of the hotel’s director is both professional and respectful.  She seeks to know the intended duration of Ted’s stay, time and means of arrival and provides brochures and rates of the hotel.  

You are also right in finding Sally’s response to an unsatisfied customer as unprofessional. She uses a bad tone on the customer and shifts the “sag painting” problem to the shipping company which is indeed poor customer service.

I find your opinion on media and bad news a little misplaced. The media focuses on negativity because “bad news sells”. As humans, we are subconsciously more drawn to controversy, fear-meting, or negative human interest stories than positive stories. This is why newspapers, TV and radio peddle negative stories to stay in business.

Your insight on paradox of plenty is correct. There are many countries endowed with natural resources but with less economic growth and development. Nigeria and the DR Congo have fuels and mineral resources respectively but many of its people languish in poverty.

Misquotation, misrepresentation, and manipulation are common in new stories by leading media outlets. Both CNN and Fox reported wrongly on the Supreme Court Ruling in a way that painted t he Supreme Court, the President, and policy in bad light to the public. The stations are also often reluctant to make straight apologize to affected people which are unethical.  As a people, we also have problems staying ethical.

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