People usually wonder why we have dreams and whether they can mean anything. Many times since childhood, I have seen myself falling in the sleep. I was not falling from the high cliff, mountain or building. It was a high and strong tree. I did not experience any feeling of insecurity or imminence. The ancient meaning of the dream goes like this: if a person falls and he or she is scared, then he or she is going to undertake some significant event that is going to be a huge battle. Nevertheless, it will ultimately lead to some material possessions. According to the Dream Dictionary, to see that you are falling and are not scared suggests that you will overcome your troubles without much effort. Carl Jung, who studied under Freud, clarifies this dream as a warning. He asserts that a person, who falls in the sleep, is acting in a high handed fashion that is disproportionate to the actual abilities. If a person encounters this dream, it gives a forewarning that there is likely to be a hazard in the recent future. Falling is associated with some kind of loss, most remarkably a loss of self-discipline and of own judgment (Jung, 1966).

I know that dreams are extremely important for people. Also, I believe that they have a deep meaning. However, taking into consideration all these dissimilar explanations of one dream, I believe that people should not take seriously all these Internet and printed Dream Dictionaries. I think that dictionary may be quite useful if a person is really stuck with certain dream or symbol and requires some inspiration to discover the correct meaning. If this dream seems really important, it is better to use the most reliable source of information. At the same time, dictionary is not required if a person can simply relate his or her own dream to some events. For instance, I always see dreams about exams before the actual exams. And if the reaction of the organism on the sleep is positive, I think there is no need to consult any sources.

Dream research will certainly persist to generate interest from individuals interested in explanation of the meaning of dreams. However, I agree with dream expert William Domhoff, who asserts that, “unless you find the dreams fun, artistically inspiring or intellectually interesting, feel free to forget them” (Domhoff, 2002).

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