Foxconn Statement of Business

Foxconn is an international profitable company that creates sustainable socially acceptable, relevant solutions for today’s youth in terms of service provision. It is a master piece that will help many to break the longstanding cycles of poverty and unemployment. Foxconn will be able to achieve this and more through partnership not only with the public but also with private sector partners. Together, we shall improve the well-being of our citizens. There are quite a number of Foxconn offices; we hope to reach out to more people for the good of the society.


Foxconn Labor Company is seeking proposal from organizations interested in quality services with the goal of supporting innovativeness and personal growth of its clients as well as employees. Its performance is at the moment not as desired due to financial constraints among others.

Through support of these innovative efforts, we promise to deliver significant results as we implement great projects in our society. This capacity for development can be applied to a great extent for the betterment of the society and for the benefit of humanity. To be effective, our company should meet client needs, should be reliable in terms of the services offered.

Organizational background

Mission Statement

To provide quality service to the community, as well as to embrace all interested persons and unite through sharing of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility through our programs.

Foxconn Labour Company is looking out to expand its territories as well as to improve its brand name integrity. Foxconn not only carry out extensive research on our clients, but we also provide quality services. This is our key goal. Foxconn has also taken part in several community development projects, which gained credit to it.

Foxconn Labor Company is making a formal invitation to any able respondents with similar values, mission and goal as ours in order to submit timely proposals to provide good services and to fulfill the need addressed above.

To test the respondent’s qualifications, approach and experience, we will make evaluation and analysis depending on certain pre-described ways to ascertain relevance and appropriateness of each respondent organization.

We request our respondents to provide proposals for the best method for accomplishing our objectives. We will evaluate the skills, and expertise capability of our respondents (Roth 24). This Request for Proposal is our procurement tool and it will not only help us to fulfill our goals, but also to determine the best vendor, who is accountable and of good governance.


Our primary goal is to improve the services offered by Foxconn Labor Company as well as to build its brand identity, awareness and interest in the company and the services it provides. 


Proposed Project Timeline

The following are important dates for RFP:

Nov 2, 2012 – Foxconn will release and distribute the RFP

Nov 10, 2012 – Foxconn’s deadline for submission of questions and/or the notice of intent

Nov 12, 2012 –Foxconn’s Provision of answers to interested respondents

Nov 30, 2012 – Foxconn’s deadline for submission of the proposals

Dec 12, 2012- Foxconn hands notification to the finalists

Dec 15, 2012- Foxconn holds interview of the finalists

Dec 20, 2012 – Foxconn carries out selection of vendor

Dec 30, 2012 – Signing of contract

(Foxconn will notify the respondents who have taken interest, if any changes occur in the above time line schedule, respondent companies can also seek clarifications on the same.)

Specific Strategies

  1. Improve and increase business opportunities for Foxconn
  2. Increase Foxconn’s audience and attract more qualified and diverse staff
  3. Increase member retention of current members and program participants and gain new members as well as the growth of the company
  4. Strengthen the relationship between Foxconn and the community, its donors and members for assured quality services

Scope of Service

Foxconn has provided the following mandatory requirements for the proposals. This means that proposals should include the information outlined in this section. The ability to interpret and apply proposal will be considered into our final decisions.

  1. Provide a brief history and profile of your firm in support of its ability to take on the project. Any sample works should be included to boost analysis for your accountability and credibility.
  2. Provide detailed description of your firm’s proposal to address Foxconn’s requirements which are outlined in this RFP.
  3. Determine the cost of providing service location reviews and services. This should be as user-friendly as possible.
  4. Provide an informed description of the process and methodology used with consideration to Foxconn services. Document the firm’s experience that will come in handy if applied in Foxconn’s system.
  5. Provide a built a fee structure that recovers full cost of providing inspection services that can be modified to accommodate the capabilities of clients. The structure should include both direct and indirect costs. It should also accommodate reserve for prepaid work so as to accommodate all the clients and staff.

The costs should also include implementation and maintenance costs.

  1. The fee structure built should be efficient to administer and familiar to clients.
  2. Perform a comprehensive analysis to determine the core employee levels through the growth of the company.
  3. Make recommendations for the time and data collection methods. With regards to the timeline you provide, if the process involves a multi-phase approach, please provide approximate time frames.
  4. Compare proposed building fees with other jurisdictions..
  5. Analyze and give informed decisions considering the proposed development services fees for prototypical projects.
  6. Prepare presentations for meetings with community associations.
  7. Publish a study report of the study, outlining set fees for both existing and upcoming new fee structure.

Submittal Requirement

The respondents must include in their proposals the following:

  1. The proposal should be submitted before the stated deadline below.
  2. Name and contact information of the person who would be the official representative.
  3. Evidenced support of your organization’s expertise in management through sample projects of similar size and scope in relation to Foxconn Company.
  4. Present a statement indicating the firm’s interest in the project. An overview, history and proven qualifications of the organization should also be depicted through this cover letter.
  5. With regards to Foxconn’s scope of work, as the respondent firm, explain how the firm plans to accomplish the scope of services.
  6. A proper list of personal assigned to work on the project and their qualifications including experience in an oversight role and presentation of financial information.
  7. Provide reference clients who have benefited from your firm, and have similar scope as Foxconn Labor Company (Roth 19).
  8. Submit at least five hard copies, all in an un-editable formats to ensure security to your information.

Note: The firm shall provide a sample design alongside its proposal for testing before final fabrication.

A meeting and date shall also be scheduled with the respondents.


The proposals shall be signed by one of the legally authorized officers of the named organization.

Response Instructions

Confirmation of interest

Foxconn requests our esteemed respondents to send a statement of receipt and your intent to respond or not in a week.


All clarifications regarding the RFP should be submitted in writing to the RFP Coordinator within two days of receiving this outline (Asner 24).

Evaluation Criteria and Process

Foxconn Labor Company also provides a list of significant criteria for assessment of the proposal. More emphasis should be placed on these major areas (Fria 32):

  1. Technical expertise of proposed staff.
  2. Experience of the staff with regards to services offered by Foxconn Labor Company.
  3. Thoroughness of proposed work plan.
  4. Efficiency of the implementation schedule as outline in the respondents’ results.
  5. Excellence or level of the firm’s communication with Foxconn.
  6. Suitability of the project examples outlined in the firm’s proposal.
  7. Relevance and reasonability of the firm’s pricing and timeline within Foxconn’s parameters.
  8. Quality of maintenance and system upgrading as shown in the respondent’s outline.
  9. Feasibility of the cost outlined.

Note: Foxconn reserves the general rights for the respondents to include other additional criteria for evaluation.

Conclusion Process

Applicants will be notified of Foxconn’s shortlist concerning evaluation of the respondents by December 6, 2012.

Terms and Conditions

Foxconn reserves the right to all respondents to reject any bid in response to the analysis. It is also not bound to accepting any proposal. Any acceptances made shall be under the guide of the enlisted proposal evaluation rules.

All information in exchange between Foxconn and the respondent firm shall be considered confidential, unless terms state otherwise. Inappropriate release of information shall be rightfully dealt with.

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