Scientific method is a process that forms the basis for scientific inquiries. it is a method that that seeks to  discover undiscovered knowledge via a series of procedure namely identification of the problem the needs a solution, formulation of an  assumption popularly known as a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, collecting relevant data and analyzing it and drawing conclusions (Gauch, 2003).

Relation between scientific method and human research

The scientific method can be used to conduct human research or research on various aspect related to human life.  The scientific method provides most suitable procedure that can be used to plan and conduct a human service research.

Steps in a scientific Inquiry

In order to achieve the desired out, the scientific inquiry or method normally use certain step or process. The first process is identification of the problem or questions that need to be answered, which if followed by formulation of the hypothesis as the second process (Gauch, 20003).  The third process is testing the hypothesis formulated in the second step.  This is followed by data collection and analysis in the penultimate position. The last process in the inquiry is drawing conclusion and giving recommendations.

Importance of the steps

The processes employed in a scientific inquiry play a critical role in the achievement of another. Identification of the problem is necessary to ensure that the solution generated lead to the required state.  The hypothesis that is developed in the second process provides guidance to the process (Gauch, 2003).  It ensure a that the researcher gets the right kind of data and information to generate a solution to the problem. Hypothesis testing is designed to examine the hypothesis developed to determine whether it shall lead to the collection of the right data or not. Data collection or the other hand, ensure that the research accesses information that can be used to generate the best solution to the problem while data analysis  provided the researcher  with a tool for examining the available data in order to come up with specify information concerning the problem and suitable solutions to the dilemma presented by the problem.  Last, drawing conclusion and recommendation involves giving the final verdict based on the analysis and providing workable solutions to the problem.

Human service example of scientific method

Research on the provision of public service utilities is a good example f a human service research. In this kind of research a problem would be inadequacy of public utilities in major cities. The hypothesis for this research would be, “the shortage of public utilities is a product of high population in these cities. The necessary data required to commute solution for the problem would be the number of different categories of people in the cities and the number of people present in the cities. The information is then analyzed to determine how the shortage is coming along. The solution to the cause of the shortage are the given in the recommendation part.

Define quantitative research and qualitative research

Quantitative research is research the aims at relating two phenomena or issues namely an independent variable and a dependent one. Qualitative research on the other hand is research used to the quest “why” in regard to the topic under examination.It is concerned with exploring issues and answering question and understanding phenomena (Thomas, 2003). 

Difference and similarities between quantitative and qualitative research methods and scientific research method

All these research method involve the same procedures, i.e. determination of the problem, hypothesis formulation, hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis, drawing conclusions and recommending (Thomas, 2003). Conversely, their differences include generation of different types of information; also, they use different sets of data.

Choosing between qualitative and quantitative research method

The choice on what method of research to use given the two methods depends on the type of data of information required concerning the study (Thomas, 2003).  When qualitative information such as why a phenomenon occurs is required, qualitative research is the best alternative. On the other hand quantitative research is useful when statistical analysis of information is required to generate quantitative data.

Mixed method research and its strengths

Mixed method research is a kind of research that seeks to generate a wide range of variables or results in regard to a given subject. Unlike other kinds of research which are limited in scope it is wide in scope and generates a wider range of information concerning a problem or variables. A mixed method of research is suitable when a lot of information is required to generate a proper understanding of the situations at hand.

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