Writing skills are an integral and important component of proper communication. The skills are valuable to both students and non-students. Irrespective of the position an individual holds in an organization or in the society writing provide a valuable skill that one can use to communicate to the juniors or the seniors.

Writing skills are necessary as they prepare one for school and employment. School and employment normally requires a lot of writing.  In school learners need writing skills to take or writing note and their academic work. The skills are also necessary for answering examination questions. The employment scene also depends on writing heavily. First, one requires proper writing skills to write a job application letter seeking employment at the organization of choice. Second, writing skills are necessary for proper communication at the employment scene. One requires these skills in order to communicate with his or her colleagues. Writing is necessary for passing across instructions and if proper skills are lacking it becomes difficult to pass across instructions properly.

Writing is also an important medium of presenting ones thoughts. It can help one to clearly understand the way he or she thinks. It can solidify thoughts and ideas and further permit one to reminisce on them better than the ideas that remain abstractly tied in the head. Proper writing skills enable people to present the thought skillfully in written form.

Writing can help to translate the thoughts or minds of other people. In this regard it helps people who are not good at expressing themselves verbally express themselves through writing.  The way proper writing skills can help us understand other people more that we would have understood them without the skills.

In business environment writing skill are important in the presentation of business writings. Conducting business deals involves a host of activities that actively or passively depend on writing. Such writing may include monthly reports, memos, business proposals, business letters and others. All these need to be written properly in order to avoid misinterpretation or being misunderstood.

Business managers who luck necessary writing skill spend a lot of time and money trying to learn or acquire it.  They need these skills to communicate to the employees, clients and suppliers. Such communication is in most cases done through business letters, memos, emails and other. If poorly written the manager my be misunderstood and may lead to dissatisfaction of the employee, clients, suppliers or creditors. Poor written communication is a disincentive to customer where as well written communication may be enticing.

In order not to leave any thing to chance many organizations spend huge amount of money to teach its employees how to write proper to improve on their writing skills. Proper writing makes use of proper words, proper phrases and proper presentation or format. With proper writing skills, we can express ourselves properly, understand one another, maintain a good rapport at the work place, receive and pass across instructions, woo customers and creditors and avoid disastrous consequences of misinterpretations.

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