It is argued that the recording industries are approaching their extinct because it is recording massive changes. Artists should not just concentrate on their music, but must strive to acquire the latest cell phone and videogames. The important aspect is not how to make the music available or the cost involve in developing it, but how the consumers in the world will find the product and also how the artists as well as their representatives in the modern-day will achieve the attention of satisfied customers. It is now possible to get a quick, affordable cost license to use flash video songs on the home page. Today, many companies are offering this service including the recent professional services provided by Apple (Leonhard 1).

If this industry moves towards this direction, it will really become ubiquitous where revenue will increase from the little-known sources in the past. This means that music will be available everywhere at all the times. It is argued that in the next three to five years, access to music by the consumers will be possible. The physical possession of music will disappear and music will flow like water and providers will act at the “utilities” (Leonhard 1). Mobile multi-access will become the default setting that will permit consumers to acquire the product at their convenient places through the fixed media and wireless applications. Mobile phones will be replaced by more powerful entertainment solutions and mobile communications.  Mobile music offers will become irresistible because it will offer cheap international roaming bundles and flat-fee access deals.  This will aim at providing satisfying high-class entertainment services.  The future of the music industry is based on satisfaction of the customers’ needs through creation of transparency, collaboration and understanding of the needs in order to provide accessible and user-friendly services.  Since in future the services will not be limited in one region, the recording industries have a diminishing future. 

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