Name of the Organization

Chef’s Confectionery Boutique (CCB).

Field of Operation

CCB is the chain of restaurants where handcrafted cakes, pies, and sweets are served. The name of the business was not chosen by accident and reflects its essence. Chef means that everyone in the restaurant is chef, literally. There are no cleaners, no waitresses in CCB. Everyone is able to create marvelous cakes and everyone is ready to take responsibility for some tidying up, serving the table or dishing up, every person multitasks. That is how we create our unique atmosphere. The staff feels and acts as if they are having guests at their own homes. Confectionery Boutique gives our clients the understanding of the service that we provide. It is not just a coffee house with beverages and food; it is a ceremony, an emotion, a state of mind.

Mission Statement

CCB staff is committed to promoting confection as an unordinary food art to ordinary people regarding age, sex, and nationality. The aim of CCB is to create a small cream island of paradise in the middle of the noisy megalopolis.

Guarding Values


We believe that it is better not to do anything at all than to do it bad. That is why we do not do our job well but we do it the best way we can and still we are never fully contented with the result. Our cakes are unique and our aim is to keep the level of quality and taste at the top level and never compromise with it.


Our customers inspire us to contribute that much energy and affection to the production of world best cakes. Our everyday work is not only to deliver best quality products but to bring joy and harmony to ordinary people. If a customer leaves the restaurant without a smile we did not fully do our job.


Not only we consider ourselves confectioners but also artists. Every person dedicated to arts needs inspiration. Thus, we struggle to provide the best work conditions for our creators, motivate them, and treat as our main asset. We fully realize that the main ingredient of our confection is the spirit of our people. 


Being fully aware of environmental problems we are trying to do business responsible. We do not use toxic material; our ingredients are always fresh and natural. We recycle 80% of garbage and 95% of disposable containers we use in production. Our 3% of our yearly revenue is donated to an environmental charity of the Third World countries. Profits are not everything in business, staying human is much more significant.


Being American company operating worldwide, we realize how important it is to bring our authentic culture to the countries where we open our restaurants. But on the other hand, which is even more crucial, we always stay tolerant and open to other cultures, trying to adapt our sweets and restaurants to the local markets and mix American confection culture with local one that is our know-how.

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